Saudi Gazette reports that lingerie shops in Saudi Arabia are avoiding compliance with a law that states only women shall work in them. From Madinah in the west, to Dammam in the east, shop owners are skirting the law for a number of states reasons. Whether it’s because, as some owners claim, women aren’t reliable workers or because they can’t find women willing to work for them, many shops are continuing to use male (and primarily expat) workers.

The Ministry of Labor says that it is increasing its inspection regime and that offenders will be fined. Perhaps shutting them down might work better.

Many lingerie shops refusing to hire women
Saudi Gazette report

MADINAH/DAMMAM — Many lingerie shops in Madinah continue to openly flout the Ministry of Labor’s orders to only employ women in all stores selling women’s undergarments, an Arabic daily reported.

The ministry has appointed female inspectors to see that all lingerie shops are in compliance with the orders and they have reported that many shops post “families only” signs on their storefronts while having men working inside.

Citizens have called upon Madinah Labor Office to punish violators.

Mohammad Ali, a citizen, said many shops owners take advantage of the ministry’s lax attitude in enforcing its orders. “In open defiance of the ministry’s order, some shops have employed women only to assist women shoppers. They still have to deal with male cashiers who, upon checkout, see all of the items that women buy thus violating their privacy.”

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