Arab News runs an article on Saudi businessman Ali Al-Shamrani, who — with only an elementary school education and the help of his brothers — built up a large and successful company. Instead of sitting behind a desk drinking tea, they went into working with steel to create products with a local and international market.

Al-Shamrani points out the plain truth that hard work pays off. Just wishing for better things does not.

‘If expatriates can do it, Saudis must do it’

Businessman Ali Al-Shamrani is a firm believer that hard work pays off.

His proof of this is the successful business started with his brothers almost four decades ago in a tiny workshop. He is now the owner and chairman of Al-Shamrani Factory Drawbar Trailers in Jeddah Industrial City, with major customers in the Kingdom and abroad.

“Harvard is fine but it takes hard work to succeed in any business, industry or work,” said Al-Shamrani in an interview with Arab News.

Al-Shamrani said he studied only up to primary level but his children have undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. Some of them work for him. “At the factory I treat them like any other worker.”

He said they have to “behave and produce results just like the other 150 staff members” from various countries around the world.

“It is strenuous working with steel, which Saudis find hard to adjust to, but we send them for training at the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation colleges in the Western Region,” he said.

“I like to quote what the Chinese say: ‘If one can do it, we can do it.’ If expatriates can do it, Saudis must do it, or at least learn to do it. I believe that at the end of the day, Saudis will have to shoulder greater responsibilities — big or small, executive or entry-level, sincerely and whole-heartedly, if they want to maintain their standard of life and living and see the country grow and develop.”

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