In her column for Asharq Alawsat, Diana Moukalled writes to remind that not everyone opposed to a tyrannical regime is necessarily a good guy worthy of unquestioned support. Oversimplification of problems creates its own problems.

She points out that certain anti-regime factions grouped within ‘the opposition’ in Syria are no better — and probably worse — than the current government. The ‘Al-Nusra Front’, a spinoff of Al-Qaeda, is both repressive and brutal, representing the worst that travels under the banner of Islam.

Her point is not dissimilar to that made by Abdallah Schliefer at Al Arabiya TV earlier this week that took a closer look at the ‘rebels’ in Turkey.

Opinion: An Injustice to the Unseen and Unheard
Diana Moukalled

“God help us triumph over them,” chanted the girl carried on someone’s shoulders, before she tilted her head a little, cried, and then pulled herself together to chant again. This young girl has previously chanted against the regime of Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad, but now she protests against the unjust treatment of others.

This girl was chanting against the Al-Nusra Front. This young Syrian girl led the residents of Al-Raqqah in protest against the extremist front that has implemented radical, bloody methods in dealing with residents in areas where they are deployed, ever since it infiltrated the Syrian revolution. The front arrested the girl’s father for no clear reason, and refuses to release him or others who are now in jail suffering from lashes, bullets and knives.

In a video published by activists on YouTube, young girls and veiled women scream in front of the Al-Nusra headquarters, condemning the group and the crimes it is committing under the banner of the revolution. The angry residents attempted to restore the spirit of the first days of their revolution, and so they chanted “peaceful, peaceful” and announced that they will escalate their activity against this group.

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