While it’s not my thing, I can see the entertainment value in setting records for the Guinness book of records. And as an alternative to dangerous driving, it seems harmless enough. In any event, Saudis have become enamored of setting world records in various accomplishments. That the accomplishments are bizarre or trivial doesn’t really matter. How many, really, are concerned about how many live scorpions one can consume within a set period of time, or who has made the world’s largest kabsa? Still, as Arab News reports, Saudis along with other Gulf Arabs want to make their individual marks.

Not one, not two … KSA sets 28 Guinness records in a month!

Eating 22 live scorpions or making the largest Kabsah dish may seem frivolous tasks but such are the unique feats that an increasing number of Saudis are embarking on to establish themselves for posterity in the pages of the Guinness World Records.

The number of Saudis registered in the Guinness World Records had gone up to 40, after 10 Saudis broke new world records last year.

This month 28 records were broken at road shows held across the Kingdom, which concluded at the weekend.

The event, Guinness World Records Challenge Fair, organized by Arabian Centers, gave locals a chance to attempt world records in front of an official Guinness World Records adjudicator.

“The level of interest in the Guinness World Records challenge fair has been fantastic. At each city we’ve visited there has been great excitement among people ready to try their hands at record-breaking and unlock their skills. As the organizers, we were amazed by the passion, commitment and determination that people show in order to break a Guinness World Records title. We have seen those same qualities shown by record challengers throughout my time in Saudi Arabia. It has been fantastic to see so many records broken,” said Tom Ibison, Guinness World Records official adjudicator, who was present at the records fair.

And yes, it’s passing strange that Saudis — who cannot legally buy or consume Guinness alcoholic products — are seeking to fill the pages of the company’s promotional material.

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