While drinking water in Jeddah may be in short supply, the run-off of heavy rains presents the problem of too much water in the wrong places.

Following the lethal floods in Jeddah in 2009, Jeddawis have become sensitive to the problem of flash flooding in the trail of heavy rain. Heavy rain is precisely what Saudi meteorologists are predicting for the next few coming days, so the government is broadcasting its preparedness. Arab News covers the comprehensive preparations now being taken…

Kingdom on alert after warning of heavy rains

All government agencies are on alert for an expected cold front and heavy rain over several areas in the Kingdom from tomorrow until Wednesday.

Citizens and residents have been warned to take every precaution over the next few days.

Prince Mohammad bin Naif, minister of interior, ordered all government departments to prepare resources, personnel and equipment for the expected climatic changes.

Abdullah Thabet Al-Arabi Al-Harathi, spokesman of the Civil Defense, said the prince is following events closely and ordered heads of defense committees to prepare emergency plans across the Kingdom.

Equipment and units are being mobilized in populated areas where heavy rain is expected.

Civil Defense committees and various ministries are coordinating joint action to ensure public safety.

Village committees have been placed on standby, he said.

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5 Responses to “‘Rain, Rain, Go Away’”
  1. 1
    Solomon2 Said:
    April:25:2013 - 13:29 

    Higher mean temperatures means larger amounts of water evaporate from the oceans, leading to greater rainfall worldwide.

    Isn’t global warming great?

  2. 2
    John Burgess Said:
    April:25:2013 - 14:06 

    @Solomon2: Yes it is! And all that atmospheric moisture will help feed the glaciers that will dominate the coming Ice Age.

    Or is that still only the received wisdom of the 70s?

  3. 3
    Jerry M Said:
    April:26:2013 - 11:14 

    Global cooling was never ‘received wisdom’. Many of the public proponents weren’t even climatologists or meteorologists (Paul Ehrlich was a biologist). I am a weather hobbyist and my weather textbook written in the early 1980′s didn’t even mention it, nor did it make a big deal about global warming. It did mention the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere using measurements made above Hawaii.

  4. 4
    John Burgess Said:
    April:26:2013 - 12:26 

    @Jerry M: It may not have been scientific received wisdom, but it was certainly popularized as such. Whether it was newspapers or the weekly news periodicals or even in the pop-sci category, there was a lot of worry being expressed about how the world could cope with glaciers sweeping across Manhattan again.

  5. 5
    Solomon2 Said:
    April:26:2013 - 13:52 

    Yes, I remember the pop-sci stuff, there was a popular novel about N. America freezing over and New York City existing underground as a tyranny that ostracized its dissidents by taking them up the elevator and dumping them on the ice.

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