The 1001 Night is a piece of literature with many fathers. Apparently coming from Sanskrit or Persian origins, the collection of stories told by Scheherazade to prolong her life has been a mutable thing. Stories from different times and places have been told and recast many times. In some versions, certain stories appear but are missing in others.

Al Arabiya TV reports on the publication (in German) of a new collection of 101 stories, written in N. Africa and Andalusia in the 13th C, but set in an India of a mysterious time (as is much of the 1001 Nights). Only a few of the stories in the new collection are to be found in other versions of the larger work.

1001 nights ‘younger sibling,’ medieval manuscript found, translated
Al Arabiya

Almost everyone is in some way familiar with the epic “1,001 Nights,” we all know the tale of Sultan Shahryar who, heartbroken by his wife’s infidelity, remarries every night only to kill his new bride at sunrise.

This carried on until he married his vizier’s daughter Scheherazade who, gifted with an extraordinary ability to weave exciting stories, manages to save her own life by promising to tell the king a new story every night.

Throughout the 100,1 nights readers remain enthralled and entangled in the stories narrated by Scheherazade.

The Egypt Independent reported on Thursday that a new collection of stories had come to light and been translated, the 101 nights.

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