That’s what a handful of Saudi clerics and academics are going to be doing soon.

The miscreants have been popping off in social media calling the new women members of Saudi Arabia’s Shoura Council ‘prostitutes’ and ‘the filth of society’. That’s not going down very well with users of Twitter. I suspect it won’t go down very well with the government, either. Al Arabiya TV reports…

‘Prostitutes’: Saudi cleric insults recently-appointed female Shura members
Al Arabiya

A controversial Saudi cleric used Twitter to publicly insult the recently-appointed female members of the Shura Council.

Derogatory terms such as “prostitutes” and “the filth of society” were used to describe the highly-achieved female academics and technocrats who were only sworn into the Council a few days after a highly-acclaimed Royal Decree was issued by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.

The tweets quickly became widely-spread through the social media network and rapidly developed their own hash-tags; however, many Saudi tweeps condemned the attack on the female Shura members, especially since they came from figures who are supposed to preach tolerance, compassion and respect.

Among the clerics who resorted to insults was member of the Islamic Ministry for Da’wah, Guidance and Endowments, Ahmed Al-abedulqader expressed his discontent of women partaking a role in the Shura Council over his Twitter account, “They thought they can mock the mufti by giving these ‘prostitutes’ legitimacy to be in power. I am not an imposter, and imposters do not fool me. For how long will the forts of virtues be torn down?”

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    Jerry M Said:
    February:25:2013 - 13:06 

    And I thought public discourse in the US was toxic!

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