Al Arabiya TV reports that the government of Saudi Arabia has made important changes in its laws governing the ability of Saudi women to transmit their citizenship to their children born of foreign fathers. While the suite of rights that accompanies citizenship is not the same as for children born of Saudi fathers (they cannot join the military or other government agencies, for example), this is a vast improvement over the past. Importantly, they will be able to attend Saudi state schools, get state-provided medical care, and work in the private sector.

The decree also improves the status of those foreign husbands, permitting them to travel to and live in the Kingdom, work in the private sector, and not be specially identified as “foreign” in their work papers.

Breakthrough: Saudi women can pass on citizenship to their children
Al Arabiya

The Saudi Ministry of Labor and the Passport General Department announced granting Saudi citizenship to children of Saudi women married to foreign men following a new decree, a local newspaper reported Saturday.

The new decree stipulates that the state will pay for the residence fees of children who are half Saudis but from foreign fathers and will allow them to work in Saudi private sector companies, Al-Riyadh newspaper reported.

The paper said the children will be treated as Saudi citizens in education and medical care and will be included in the Saudization program in the private sector.

Every Saudi woman will also be allowed to bring her husband to the kingdom and become his sponsor without the phrase “husband of Saudi citizen.”

Husbands will be allowed to work in the Saudi private sectors provided that they hold an internationally recognized passport that enables them to go back to their countries any time.

The mother will also sponsor the children who can live in the kingdom as long as there are no security concerns that could hinder that.

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