Al Arabiya TV reports on a new study that finds Saudi Arabia to be the most optimistic of Arab societies. It comes in at 12th place, just behind the US. The top of the list goes to Germany, Switzerland, and Japan.

The headline writer gets 10 Internet points for the allusion to The Transformers.

Optimist Prime: study shows Saudis most optimistic among Arabs
Al Arabiya

Saudi Arabia has been ranked as the Arab world’s most future-oriented and optimistic nation, according to a recent international study, prompting a wave of excitement and discussion on the social media.

The “Future Orientation Index,” a study developed by two professors — Dr. Suzy Moat of the University College of London (UCL) and Tobias Preis of Warwick Business School — also ranked the kingdom as number 12 globally, one rank below the United States, which came in as number 11.

Dr. Moat and Associate Professor Preis analyzed more than 45bn Google queries to assemble their study, which ranked Germany as the world’s most “future-oriented” in the world, followed by Switzerland and Japan.

Though the aim of the study was not stated, the “Future Orientation Index,” reflects the significance of the Internet in citizens’ day to day decision making, Dr. Moat told the U.S. National Public Radio. (NPR)

“In countries where the Internet is more integrated into day to day life, we might see people searching for more information to support their future actions.”

“Our Future Orientation Index reflects international differences in attention to the future and the past,” Dr. Moat added. “A greater focus on the future when making decisions may support economic success,” she said.

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