If the doors to women’s employment in Saudi Arabia are to open, then why not open them all the way?

Saudi Gazette reports that the first group of Saudi women to qualify as plumbers are ready to work. They would, of course, work in female-only workplaces, obviating the need to bring in (mostly foreign) male workers. Even without sexual segregation in the workplace, there’s no reason why women cannot take up this work. Saudi men, too, might consider it. In the US, plumbers earn around $25 per hour, which isn’t bad at all.

First Saudi women plumbers get all-out support
Nadia Al-Fawaz | Saudi Gazette

ABHA — In an unprecedented move, Wud Society has trained 20 Saudi women to work as professional plumbers.

The majority of skilled laborers in the country are expatriate men but this may change as proponents of women’s employment in the Kingdom say women trained as skilled laborers — mainly plumbers, electricians and general maintenance workers — can be employed in female-only work places and replace expatriate men.

Riyadh’s Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University recently started its women’s training program titled “Kafu” in which 60 Saudi women will be trained to work as maintenance workers with additional students being enrolled when the program is expanded. The move comes on the heels of the Ministry of Labor’s announcement over the weekend that women will be allowed to work in commercial pharmacies.

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    Lola Said:
    February:09:2013 - 10:33 

    A proud father was showing a fellow worker a picture of his five grown sons. His friend asked what they did for a living. The father said the older two are doctors and the youngest two are lawyers. The friend asked about the middle son and the father said, “Oh, he’s a plumber. Someone had to pay for all the others’ educations.” –Joe Gommer, Ontario Canada

    “H. Norman Schwarzkopf is a figure in history now, but those of us that knew him, if even for a handshake, will miss him. His last public statement was two weeks after he retired. He had bought a house near an army post, and had some problems. He was scheduled for an interview, and when asked how he liked retirement, he said, ‘Last week, I commanded an army. This week, I can’t get a plumber to my house.’”


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