In a piece originally published in the Arabic Al-Hayat, Saudi journalist Badria al-Bishr notes that those seeking to control women to prevent adverse effects on men have the handle by the wrong end. It’s men’s behavior — and thinking — that needs adjustment. Given the time and inclination, it’s possible to find the seductive and louche in just about anything… even if women were given the names of numbers, about as non-connotative a process as possible, there would be men who found them too intriguing and sexually compelling to permit them to exist.

About the only way these men would be satisfied (in at least one aspect of their being) would be through the elimination of Saudi women categorically. Al-Bishr is right… they can never be rationally satisfied when their demands are irrational.

Why eliminate Saudi women!
Badria al-Bishr

A lot has been said about those who rejected women joining the Saudi Shura Council, working as saleswomen in women’s lingerie shops, working as cashiers at malls and working at pharmacies. Then a female child was forbidden from singing at a marketing festival because she is alluring.

These stances may be explained to us by some statements of the “subconscious religious movement” which is responsible for raising fear in people’s minds.
Baby burkas

Recently during a mentoring program, a preacher appeared urging parents to cover the face of female babies even if she has not yet reached the puberty age.

According to his point of view “the baby’s body may have signs of beauty such as soft skin or obesity.”

He continues to say: “These signs in the female babies’ body are the reason of pedophilia incidents committed by relatives first at home.”

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    CS Said:
    February:06:2013 - 02:25 

    What about boy babies do they have rough skin and are always skinny in KSA? Idiots is the only word that can be used to describe these people. It might be a good idea to blind all these men who come up with such pearls of wisdom, they can never get tempted you see and God will be very happy and they will not go to hell …

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