Saudi Gazette runs a story about new trends in Saudi employment law. In addition to raising the minimum wage to be paid to Saudis (Sorry, expats, not you.), the Ministry of Labor is looking to restrict all sales jobs in pharmacies to female employees only. The Minister also announced tweaks to the current way Saudi employees are counted in the Hafiz employment scheme… employees with very low salaries won’t be counted at all; those with low salaries will only count for half. This is intended to spur employers to employ and pay Saudi employees sufficient salaries to attract and hold them in jobs.

Saudi women to man pharmacies soon, says Fakieh
Fatima Muhammad | Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH — Minister of Labor Adel Fakieh has promised that women will run pharmacies soon, a local newspaper reported.

At a press conference celebrating the employment of 330 Saudis at Al-Nahdi Medical Company, Fakieh said the employment of women is facing challenges.

A memorandum has been agreed with the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to deal with companies that do not adhere to rules governing the employment of women.

Penalties imposed could include blacklisting offending organizations.

These companies may also be denied services, face closure of their shops and fines.

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2 Responses to “New Carve-Out for Saudi Women”
  1. 1
    G Jeff Said:
    February:04:2013 - 10:43 

    Does this mean that now I get to buy my Viagra, XXL condoms, and “astroglide” from female pharmacists/cashiers? Or did I miss something in the last 15 months and the kingdom has female only pharmacies?

    In all seriousness though, considering men have to go into pharmacies…is this really the best place for women? Last I heard, Saudi hadn’t changed its opinion on segregation of the sexes…Just curious.

  2. 2
    John Burgess Said:
    February:04:2013 - 17:45 

    @G Jeff: I can’t answer that… maybe men will have to use a drive-up window only?!

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