In Saudi Arabia, drugs are haram, forbidden, just like alcohol. And, just like alcohol, they find their way into society. Saudi Gazette reports that 28% of drug cases in the country involve Saudi women, in trafficking, possession, smuggling, and drug use. That’s a startling figure, but not out of line with global statistics. Indeed, drug use by women, around the world, is expected to rise in the coming years.

This fact, however, should serve as an example that Saudi society is not in someway special, exempt from the general human condition, just because the two holy cities are found there.

One might even argue that, because Saudi women have their range of activities severely curtailed by social norms, they are even more likely to seek escape through drugs.

28 percent of drug cases involve Saudi women: Justice Ministry
Ibrahim Al-Qirbi | Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — A recent report issued by the Ministry of Justice shows that 28 percent of narcotics cases being looked into in the Kingdom’s courts involve Saudi women while non-Saudi women form 68.1 percent of total women’s narcotics cases including trafficking, possession, smuggling and abuse.

According to the report, 24 expatriate women of different nationalities were involved in narcotics cases since Nov. 15 until last week. The nationalities most involved in narcotics crimes were Yemenis with 29.3 percent and Somalis with 23.9 percent followed by Indonesians.

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