Ali Al-Ghamdi offers an opinion piece in Saudi Gazette in which he discusses the threat of certain Saudi clerics to pray against the Minister of Labor, Adel Fakieh. They threaten to pray not only against his implementation of the Council of Minister’s decision to open certain labor sectors to women, but for his personal demise. They did, they claim, pray against former Minister Ghazi Al-Gosaibi and lo, he died of cancer!

This raises some interesting questions, Al-Ghamdi notes… isn’t this a manifestation of shirk, which includes the assumption of power reserved only to God. This is one of the arguments used against practitioners of black magic, after all. Perhaps executing a few clerics for exceeding their remits would have a salutary effect?

Prayers against women working
Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi

Women make up half of society, and this half of our society should not be kept unemployed.

Even if they are not in need of any financial benefit, women should no longer accept to be marginalized. This is especially true for those women who have received an education and are as competent as men in certain fields.

There was a time when women were confined to working in the fields of education, health and social services. However, an increase in the number of educated women together with the limited number of jobs available to them has resulted in aggravating the unemployment problem. This has prompted the state to consider finding other areas where women can work. These areas include women’s accessory shops, especially lingerie shops, where in the past women customers found it embarrassing to shop because of the presence of foreign salesmen.

During the time of the former labor minister the late Dr. Ghazi Al-Gosaibi, the Council of Ministers took a decision to replace salesmen with saleswomen at women’s accessory shops in line with Islamic Shariah regulations. Some hardline clerics did not approve as they considered that this would corrupt women and, therefore, they demanded that the decision not be implemented. All the efforts made to explain to them the advantages of the decision were to no avail. However, extensive studies on the religious, social and economic aspects of the decision were carried out, and eventually it was implemented.

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3 Responses to “Prayer as a Weapon”
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    Jerry M Said:
    January:09:2013 - 15:21 

    Most people I know are uncomforable prayer for evil against someone. Even Patton’s famous prayer at Bastogne was a prayer for good weather not a prayer for evil to be brought down on the Germans (though I am sure Patton would have welcome that too).

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    Aunty May Said:
    January:09:2013 - 19:26 

    I hope this makes its way to certain Saudi clerics…
    What is the object of prayer?

    Not to address requests that are already known to Omnipotence; not to acquaint the Great Spirit with facts already known, even before they are expressed; not to ask for mere petitions which you may not, when they are answered, deserve, for, after all, are you capable of deciding what is best for your own development? …………………..No!
    The object of true prayer is to obtain a closer unity with the Great Spirit, (that you call Allah, Yahweh/God) and all the powers of that spirit, so that they may flood and suffuse your being in a far richer manner than ever they have done before.

    True prayer is a spiritual exercise which compels introspection, so that looking within you become conscious of your own weaknesses and imperfections, but also conscious of your innate strength. Thus, prayer draws you nearer to the source of all being and stimulates / and inspires you to strive to reach higher stages of attainment.

    To appreciate prayer, you must realize its purpose. The mere mouthing or words, the mere repetition of a formula achieves nothing. These well-worn tracks in the atmosphere attract nobody; neither do they create any vibrant forces. Do you actually believe Allah/God/Yahweh is interested in stereotyped phrases? There is no sincerity behind them and the one who utters them usually does so with indifference, for he /she have long ceased to ponder on the meaning of the words that are repeated almost as by an automaton. There is, however, some value in real prayer. It is never suggested that whilst each live in this world any action of the mind can be a substitute for the labors that each have to perform.

    Prayer is not intended to be a refuge of the coward who seeks to escape their obligations. Prayer is not a substitute for the work that you have to do. Prayer is not a means by which you can escape your responsibilities. Prayer is not a means of outwitting the laws of the Great Spirit. No prayer can do that, neither can it by one iota make any alteration in the unbreakable sequence of cause and effect. You can disregard all prayers that do not spring from a heart which is willing to serve and which is conscious of its obligations and its duties.

    Having disregarded all those, there are the prayers which, because they are a psychic or spiritual exercise, set into motion certain vibrations which bring responses. Those responses / are not necessarily the ones which people who makes the prayer expects, but they are the natural result of the vibrations he/she has created.

    If you have faced honestly, fairly and squarely all the problems and difficulties that beset you; if you have tried within the limits of your own power to find a solution and you have failed, then you have a perfect right to ask that some higher power, some greater soul, should give you light in your hour of perplexity. And you will get that guidance, you will get that light, for those who are round and about you, those who see with the eyes of the spirit, know the conditions of your own soul. They know, for example, whether you are honest or not.

    Then there is the prayer of those who desire to affect a more complete harmony with the spiritual forces of life, the prayer of the soul which yearns to overcome the barriers imposed by the physical body and seeks to claim its own. Those prayers must be answered, for their mere exercise is enabling the spirit gradually to acquire its rightful heritage. Always when you speak of prayer, you must differentiate between the kinds of prayer to which you are referring.

    Now I come to what is called the Lord’s Prayer, which the Clerics would know of. I immediately say that no stereotyped prayer has any value for mankind that the mere act of formality robs it of any potency that originally it may have possessed. It may serve as a useful formula, but it cannot help you in any other way. The Great Spirit is perfect law. It is / not necessary to besiege the Great Spirit with requests which you can answer. Then you must remember, too, that many years have rolled by since the days when the Nazarene aka Isa aka Yeshusa aka Jesus is supposed to have uttered it. Humans have grown and evolved and realizes far more about life in many of its ramifications. Not quite in that form was it expressed by the Nazarene, but it was clothed in the language which was applicable to the people of his day.

    Now you know that the Great Spirit is not in heaven – being perfect law the Great Spirit pervades all space, all life; there is no aspect of life in the mighty universe of which the perfect law is not cognizant. The Great Spirit is no more in the highest heaven than the Great Spirit is in the lowest hell. The Great Spirit is universal and is manifested through every phase of universal activity.

    There is no necessity to address petitions announcing that the kingdom of the Great Spirit will come; that will happen, but as to when it will happen depends upon the labor of those who are co-operating with the power of the spirit and who seek to advance its coming. That it will come is inevitable, but whether that coming is hastened or delayed depends upon the work that people in your world are able to do.

    Prayers for fine weather or for rain are common in orthodox churches and in mosques. I have known members of a circle who were discussing prayers to make the sun shine when a sitter asked: What would God have to do to make fine weather suddenly? How many tons of pressure over Iceland / would he have to move, and how would he do it.

    The Great Spirit is not impressed when you suddenly decide to petition him in mass form. The Great Spirit, being the Great Spirit, is familiar with the needs of all His children before he is acquainted with the fact in places which are called mosques, temples, shrines, cathedrals, churches or synagogues.

    Prayer does not consist in the fact that large numbers of people gather together and listen to set words or to specially devised compositions.
    Prayer cannot alter the operation of the natural law.
    Prayer cannot interfere with the sequence of cause and effect. People do not possess that power to interrupt what is a mathematical certainty – that effect follows cause with unalterable prevision.

    Prayer has value as an exercise of the spirit, when the individual, conscious of his/her own limitations and, paradoxically, their innate strength, tries to release that flow of latent energy within their own being to inspire and impel them to greater deeds. Prayer, when it is truly prayer and thus an exercise of the spirit, is a means by which man’s spirit releases itself from some of earth’s thralldom and finds greater manifestation. Thus people makes themselves more receptive to higher forces and becomes their own vehicle for the answer of their own prayer, that is, by desiring to serve he/she makes themselves worthy of greater inspiration.
    Now that is how I understand the value of prayer. But mass supplications to alter natural law cannot have any effect.

    Prayer is not official or unofficial. It is not fixed by days or nights. True prayer cannot be commanded by any source that is outside the individual.

    There is no value in mechanical prayer, in prayers said by rote. Those who meet from time to time because they have been commanded to do so, or because it is their habit, and read, or have read to them, words that sometimes are so familiar that they make no imprint on their minds – these do not place themselves any nearer the Great Spirit aka God/Allah/Yahweh. The Great Spirit is aware of all your needs. He knows the unspoken desires of your heart; there is no need to petition Him in large numbers.

    True prayer does not consist in the words that are expressed in public assembly; true prayer does not consist in words at all. True prayer is the aspiration of the soul which recognizes that it is a fragment of a much larger whole and it seeks to unite itself; it seeks to draw nearer and nearer to that power which fashioned it and of which it is a part.

    True prayer is accomplished by the individual when he /she is by themselves, when his/her soul yearns and desires to attune and harmonize itself with the rhythm of life, with the creative forces which are around and about it, so that in doing so the individual may fit themselves for larger service. True prayer is a means of introspection where the individual, conscious of his/her divinity, is also conscious of all her/his shortcomings and seeks so to utilize their latent gifts that he/she may truly be an instrument of the power which gave life and birth.

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    bigstick1 Said:
    January:09:2013 - 23:25 

    Hmmmmm……sounds like witchcraft to me. Maybe they should be tried and executed like they do other alleged witches.

    FYI: There is no such thing as witches in the sense of what they believe. Witches used to be healers and naturalist in the day and were later turned into something different. They never exhibited any supernatural ability just had intellect and knowledge. Which often times threats the believers in fairy tales.

    Just need to add disclaimer. :}

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