Saudi Gazette runs an article on how social media is being used in Saudi Arabia. The article is based on a report from The socialclinic, a social media consultancy based in Jeddah.

The report includes some rather startling statistics — like the fact that over 90 million YouTube videos are seen in the Kingdom, daily! That number, obviously, also includes video clips watched by foreign workers, but it’s still a mind-boggling number. Or consider that Facebook is the third-most visited site from Saudi Arabia.

Do read the full report at the link above.

Infographic of Saudi social media use

Copyright: The Social Clinic via Saudi Gazette

Twitter usage in KSA grows ‘10 times’ the world average
Fatima Muhammad | Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Social media has topped the list of most visited websites in the Kingdom with YouTube leading the pack, Facebook in third place and Twitter in sixth.

A recent study researched the main social media usage in the Kingdom on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn and found out that the excessive access of users from the Kingdom has increased the use of Arabic in social media making it the fastest growing language currently on the internet. The Kingdom tops the list of Middle East countries when it comes to involvement in the social media in most of the statistics.

The study released this week hopes to increase awareness among businesses regarding the importance of social media usage to connect, engage and interact “strategically” with their clients.

I think the penetration and spread of social media should indicate to government that attempts to control it are doomed to be futile. I’m sure the government could find a way to simply shut off all access to the Internet, but I’m equally sure that that would lead to more problems than it would solve by doing so.

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