Tariq Alhomayed, Editor-in-Chief of Asharq Alawsat, writes about the importance the current events in Egypt hold for the entirety of the Arab world. He is concerned that a government that seeks to do away with the concept and function of the state will poison the region. A religious dictatorship, he argues, is incapable of running a government that addresses people’s real, day-to-day demands. He sees Egypt, if President Morsi’s schemes succeed, following the path of Iran, Al-Qaeda, and other extremist organizations.

Egypt is fighting our battle
Tariq Alhomayed

I have previously written, on numerous occasions, that if Egypt thrives then the Arab world thrives, and if it falters then so too does the region as a whole. Therefore, what is happening today is that Egypt is fighting our battle, for all of us. This is a battle for the state, against those who want to destroy the very concept. What is happening in Egypt is not a “corrective revolution”, or the inauguration of a new pharaoh, rather it is an awakening against those trying to destroy the concept of the state.

This state of affairs has been brought about due to the audacity of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is trying to control all joints of the Egyptian state. After excluding the military and neutralizing the media, now it is the turn of the judiciary, and this is something that we previously warned against. All of this is represented by the unprecedented decrees issued by the Egyptian President, who said: I am the state and the state is I. Thus, what is happening in Egypt is not the Egyptians’ battle, but a battle for all the Arabs, specifically those who believe in the concept of the civil state, and not the religious state along the lines of Iran. Here I am not calling for religion to be excluded, nor am I adopting an anti-religious stance, and I ask the reader to consider the following with complete rationality and calm.

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