Saudi Arabia has yet to come to terms with the problem of ‘half-Saudi’ children, the product of marriages (or not) between Saudi men and foreign women. If the child is born in Saudi Arabia and the father correctly registers the birth, then there’s usually no problem. But if the child is raised outside the Kingdom or the father refuses to acknowledge paternity, it’s a mess. These children have no easy way to claim citizenship or the benefits that accrue to it. And while the government has been promising since 2001 to address the issue, its efforts seem to have been half-hearted and seriously lacking in success.

Help for our abandoned children:
Official neglect, individual initiative!
Khalid Batarfi

NONGOVERNMENTAL organizations are supposed to fill the gap left by state agencies and serve the unserved and underserved. These institutions normally are formed as a result of individual and group initiatives.

Awasser and the human rights commissions in Saudi Arabia are supposed to have been formed for this reason.

Unfortunately, they have shown no interest or concern for the many tragedies of the neglected Saudi families which I have written about in my last four articles. I have not received any comments from them nor have they responded to the criticism of callers and visitors to their websites.

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