The tragic and brutal death of a child at the hands of her father is the big local story in Saudi Arabia. It’s big because the father is characterized as a ‘prominent religious scholar’, though of course Saudi media name no names. He is said, however, to have a significant Internet TV presence. Saudi religious authorities are saying that he isn’t one of them. I should hope not. I would also hope that the religious authorities step back a moment to consider whether extremism in religion is as good as they often seem to think it is.

The article continues to say that the incidence of children being killed by their divorced fathers in the Kingdom is on the rise.

Preacher’s killing of five-year-old daughter ‘atrocious:’
Saudi minister
Al Arabiya

Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Affairs Ministry has distanced itself from the prominent religious scholar who had tortured his five-year-old daughter, Lamaa, to death.

“Luma’s father is not among the scholars officially registered with us,” Shaikh Saleh Bin Abdul Aziz Al Shaikh, the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowments and Guidance, told Saudi Al-sharq newspaper.

“We have nothing to do with him in any way. What he did is an atrocious crime that is condemned by the whole nation. He cannot be a religious leader or a religious scholar and nobody can excuse his cruel crime,” Shaikh Saleh added.

Okaz daily reported on Tuesday that Saudi authorities have detained the preacher.

The daily said the man, described as a “prominent” religious scholar who often preaches on numerous satellite television channels, was transferred to the general prosecution for questioning.

Saudi Gazette reports further on the problem of children in the custody of their divorced parents.

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    Jerry M Said:
    November:15:2012 - 10:46 

    The only uniquely Saudi aspect of this story is the unwillingness to print the name in news reports.

  2. 2
    G Jeff Said:
    November:16:2012 - 08:10 

    I see in the article that they claim that abusive husbands don’t usually abuse the children…where the hell did they get that idiotic idea? It’s completely contradictory with any actual science or study on the subject. Abusers are abusers, they don’t beat their wives and cottle their children. It disturbs me that they would just throw an opinion out there, because they “think so”.

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    John Burgess Said:
    November:16:2012 - 12:36 

    @Jeff G: Indeed. The facts of the article bluntly contradict the assertion.

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