There’s a lot going on in Saudi Arabia’s electricity sector. The Saudis will start building their first nuclear reactors for power generation next year, according to this Arab News report. At the same time, they will be expanding solar power generation. High tension towers are going to be removed from the skylines around the cities. A greater effort will be made to contain the soaring consumption of electricity by requiring higher-efficiency consumer goods. Finally, the Saudi Electric Company is going to be split into a number of competing power companies. I assume that these will be operated by private industry.

Electric power generation to go nuclear

JEDDAH: The Kingdom’s electricity generating stations will replace diesel and gas fuels with nuclear and renewable energy over the next 10 years, a top official said.

“The Kingdom is moving toward adopting nuclear and renewable energy including solar and wind energy as the global studies have confirmed their profitability, and hopes to achieve the transition in the next 10 years,” said Abdullah Al-Shahri, governor of the Electricity and Co-Generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA).

Al-Shahri appealed to the electricity consumers to adopt the building code and installation of quality electrical equipment as a means to cut electricity bills by half.

“Currently the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization and the Customs Department are making joint efforts to lay down the required specifications for the electrical appliances to be imported to the Kingdom and will start implementing them from next year,” he said.

In the same issue of the paper is an article on how Saudis might better use the electricity they already have…

Judicious power use could save SR 7.7 billion

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    [...] Saudis Start down the Nuclear Power Path [...]

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    [...] Saudis Start down the Nuclear Power Path [...]

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    hussin masry Said:
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    a practical step forward,but most importantly tha operation and maintnance of these nuclear power plants as well as safty issues,as we might be awara of the complexity of maintaning a nuclear facilities to be operated n a very safe environment to avoid disasters GOD forbid.

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