Jumping the Shark?

Gangnam Style seems to just have done that very thing. Various media are calling our attention to various Saudi versions now being posted on YouTube.

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    Sparky Said:
    November:07:2012 - 10:25 

    I was laughing so hard. It’s looks like they are having fun. I’m wondering how they got away without drawing attention from the authorities esp. since technically they are in THEIR UNDERWEAR. I ‘m sure they paid off the Indian bakala store keeper to let them shoot in the aisles LOL

    I don’t know if Saudi guys realize that their traditional undies are so NON SEXY (I’m guessing most Saudi women would agree… I don’t know)… now if they were in Calvin Klein briefs that would be a different story.

  2. 2
    G Jeff Said:
    November:07:2012 - 16:55 

    I take back everything I ever said about Saudi’s not knowing how to have safe fun…That was hilarious and I’m still laughing!

    The Kingdom needs more of that type of self expression and blowing off of steam!

  3. 3
    Saudi Jawa Said:
    November:09:2012 - 13:16 

    “I don’t know if Saudi guys realize that their traditional undies are so NON SEXY”
    That’s the whole point! It’s a popular Saudi Internet meme called “Abu sirwal wa faneela” (the guy wearing underpants and a shirt). It pokes fun at the tendency of Saudi males to walk around in their disheveled underwear to their spouses dismay. There are plenty of pictures and videos out there featuring Underwear Guy (or several of them) in famous landmarks all over the world. Here’s Underwear Guy in Paris:

  4. 4
    Michel Said:
    November:09:2012 - 15:21 

    I like the clip too ! It was a long time since Saudis had not made me laugh !

  5. 5
    Michel Said:
    November:09:2012 - 15:22 

    As for the undies, I share your view, Sparky !!!

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