Arab News runs an article about discussions concerning making the Middle East a region free of nuclear weapons. It seems that this is an issue again more aspirational than practical, at least for now.

Nuclear-free Middle East faces an arduous road
Ramesh Jaura

A VEIL of silence and secrecy has shrouded the fate of a conference on the establishment of a Middle East zone free of nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction in 2012, since the UN announced on Oct. 14, 2011 that Finland will host it. The veil slowly lifting now corresponds to the “wall of silence” in Israel, which Israeli anti-nuke activist Sharon Dolev is persistently trying to break — with some success.

Knowledgeable sources in Berlin, London and Helsinki are convinced that the conference will indeed take place — from Dec. 14 to 16 with seasoned Finnish diplomat and politician Jaakko Laajava as facilitator. However, hardly anyone appears to be particularly enthusiastic about it.

In fact, as Kate Hudson, general secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and a leading anti-nuclear and anti-war campaigner says, “many will see this proposal as a pipedream.” She adds: “There are of course significant obstacles to overcome before this conference can succeed, but certainly, the biggest threat to the region would be failure.”

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5 Responses to “Toward a Nuclear-Free Middle East”
  1. 1
    Aunty May Said:
    October:22:2012 - 06:19 

    Any country holding nuclear weapons is not only a threat to its neighbors, but to world peace. And they need to be held accountable for this.

    Any country holding nuclear weapons usually points the finger at others, to shift the problem away to what is at grass roots in their own country.

    If any country in the Middle-East does indeed hold nuclear weapons, then they have no one to blame but themselves when they have sown the seeds, by holding these weapons.

    What may follow, in time, is the “cause and effect” of these sown seeds.

  2. 2
    Solomon2 Said:
    October:22:2012 - 14:23 

    “Any country holding nuclear weapons is not only a threat to its neighbors, but to world peace.”

    Intentions don’t matter?

    “If any country in the Middle-East does indeed hold nuclear weapons, then they have no one to blame but themselves when they have sown the seeds, by holding these weapons.”

    In other words, those countries who hold nuclear weapons with the intent of preserving peace can only blame themselves if someone who wants war, death, and conflict wants to kill them.

    What utter nonsense! Why should anyone believe this? How do you justify believing in it yourself?

  3. 3
    Aunty May Said:
    October:24:2012 - 10:10 

    Did you hear of the overweight man who wished to be slim yet had a permanent supply of cake and pizza in the fridge? He longed to lose weight yet food kept him from his goal. Though he exercised, did not smoke or drink, he could not attain his goal. He was ignorant to the fact it was his stock pile and consumption of bad food that kept him from reaching his goal.

    A stockpile of war heads do not bring permanent peace.

    This world is nearer disaster today than when it was announced that WW2 had ceased. It is nearer to grave and terrible troubles. The world is heading straight for that which spells bloodshed, great bloodshed. There is no security in this world at all. If one says otherwise, then they choose to be blind and deaf.

    The only security is “in the unseen, the invisible, in the eternal realities which cannot be measured by any apparatus in this world”. Spiritual laws must be obeyed. Any person that knows there is intelligence behind all life would then agree. If the world lives with the law, it reaps the benefits. If it lives against the law, it reaps the results. One way brings peace and happiness and plenty, the other way misery, war, bloodshed and chaos. There needs to be disarmament of all nuclear warheads and the billon dollar arms industry must stop in all countries. The greed and lack of faith for each in this world must be replaced by “love,” because love is an expression of the spirit. In response to my message on ‘Possession” what I was meaning is that love is like a diamond that has many facets; the love of compassion, of service, friendship, and co-operation, in-which each should adhere to. When governments and people truly embrace these spiritual laws there will be no need for any warheads, control of land, controlling the minds of people and society.
    Spiritual truths do not change. People’s minds change, but spiritual truth is constant because it is based upon knowledge, and knowledge comes from the Great Spirit/Infinite Intelligence or what one calls Allah, Yahweh, God.

    It is “the center and the source of all inspiration”. It is all so simple and so easy to understand, but your world has made it so very difficult.

    Do not blame truth if you do not understand it. Blame yourself, for truth is still true even though it has not penetrated through to you. Truth is not altered by argument. Because it is truth, it is true. No knowledge alters truth. The Rabbis, Emans, Clergy, the Pope or Prophets cannot add or alter truth. There is no wisdom that in any way alters the truth of any teaching.
    If it was true in the past it is true today and will be true tomorrow.

    Spiritual truth is constant and eternal. You can add to wisdom, you can add to knowledge, but you cannot bring new truth. Your world has all the truth that it requires for its essential purpose – the fundamental truths of kindness, service, and love, not technology that kills the other. It knows what it should do in order to have a better world.

    Man, whose eyes are cast only on the things of earthly concern, makes a great mistake, because he/she chases illusion and forgets eternity. These are the simple truths, but this world has not yet learned them.If governments and citizens chose blindness, then they will continue to keep their eyes closed. If they prefer deafness, then they will keep their ears closed. But if each is wise, they and the citizens will open the windows of their souls, so that each can become aware of that mighty, vast power of the spirit which will strengthen and encourage each and make each know how life can be lived and enjoyed to the full.

    I strive to oppose all vested interests that stand in the way of truth, freedom and justice, so that for all time there may be abolished from earth those dark blots of chaos, disease, misery and starvation which are no part of Yahweh/Allah/God’s plan but which are caused by the misused free will of those who have power and do not use it in true service.

    The wheels of justice are slowly turning. And all those in this world who promote, support and act upon any war with the other, will indeed be held accountable. This is/will take time, yet the cogs in the wheel of time are turning. Wait and watch.

  4. 4
    Sparky Said:
    October:26:2012 - 12:38 

    I agree Aunty May! The world must get rid of weapons of mass destruction as one body, as one earth as one life. Mother Earth cries out in pain. We must send her healing love and light and she will bless us back.

    I had a beautiful backpack a long time ago, it said, “The earth DOES NOT belong to US. We belong to IT” unless you are an alien :-) from a far off world. I have a hard time understanding earthlings and long for my mothership to come back. It’s purgatory here; yet, earth has and many of its people are so beautiful. There is always Hope.

  5. 5
    Aunty May Said:
    October:26:2012 - 17:26 


    You are correct when you say, “The earth does not belong to us..We belong to it…..

    Every race, every nation and every culture has its contribution to make in this world. It is like a mighty orchestra in which every instrument contributes its part to achieve harmony of music which produces the greatest beauty. What some people considered the uncivilized and the lowliest have their parts to play in the great unfolding scheme.

    The greed of this world must be replaced by love because love is an expression of the spirit. As already stated, love has many aspects, compassion, service, friendship, co-operation. You are all parts of one another, whatever you are, whoever you are and wherever you may be.

    The arms industry and war must cease. It is through that “law of co-operation” that the new heaven will come into this world. This world thinks it solves its problems by the shedding of blood. But no problem was ever solved in that way, for bloodshed is needless and leads nowhere. Why cannot they, the people and Governments use the reason which Yahweh/Allah/God-the Infinite Intelligence aka Great Spirit has given them? Why do they think that their only solution must be to kill, the one who is the greatest killer is accounted the victor?

    It is a strange world we live in. Governments and most citizens set such store over their possessions, which crumble into the dust of time, and they neglect the priceless treasures of the Spirit which are eternal. They have no understanding of spiritual values. They live for the moment, for the fleeting pleasures and the joys, and their souls, so covered over with material desires, seldom are able to express the divinity (one’s goodness) that is within. And yet, in this world, they are counted as intelligent because they have accumulated temporary possessions. Who is the intelligent one – the person who strives to build that which must perish or the one who strives to build that which will endure?

    Every individual, every government is personally responsible for what they do, for this is the natural law. For example, much as you love anybody else, you cannot assume the responsibility for their life. You cannot shoulder the results of their action. This is cause and effect. If you make a mistake, you must pay for it – I am talking about the spiritual law. The law of cause and effect is basic, fundamental and unalterable because you can reap only what you have sown. Effect must follow cause with mathematical accuracy; it cannot be otherwise. In turn the effect becomes the cause, by which another effect is set into motion, producing another cause. The process is a constant one.

    People are the gardener of their own soul. The Great Spirit has provided mankind with all that are necessary for each to grow in wisdom, grace and beauty. The implements are there, governments and all people have but to use them wisely and well.

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