Saudi-owned Al Arabiya TV runs an amusing article from the Associated Press about how an American cable TV series, Homeland, is being received in Lebanon and Israel: people in both places are annoyed. The Lebanese are annoyed that the program shows armed militias roaming the streets of Beirut… like that never happens. Those in Israel are annoyed that their first-world country can stand in for an Arab country.

TV show ‘Homeland’ irks Lebanese, Israelis
The Associated Press

Beirut: Militants carrying assault weapons clear the area around a street, shouting in Arabic for people to get out of the way. A jeep pulls up: The world’s No. 1 jihadi has arrived for a meeting with top Hezbollah commanders. On rooftops, U.S. snipers crouch unseen, the kingpin in their crosshairs at last.

The scene, from a recent episode of the hit U.S. Showtime series “Homeland”, is supposed to be Beirut. But it is really in Israel, a country similar enough in some areas to stand in for Lebanon, yet a world away in most other respects.

The show about Arab terrorists and American turncoats has inadvertently become a tale of two cities. Some Beirutis are angry because the depiction of their city as swarming with militiamen is misleading and because they see Israel as the enemy. And in Israel, some are peeved that Haifa and even Tel Aviv – a self-styled nightlife capital and high-tech hub – apparently appear, to outsiders at least, to be Middle Eastern after all.

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    Jerry M Said:
    October:19:2012 - 09:54 

    Very few shows are filmed in the locations in which the stories are set.

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