No, this isn’t about the partially-made film that’s the focus of rioting across the Islamic world. It’s not about the British documentary “Islam: The Untold Story” that’s upsetting Muslims in the UK. It’s about a film made in Iran that portrays the life of the Prophet Mohammed! It seems even Muslims can’t please everyone when it comes to matters of film and religion.

From Arab News:

Scholars, Al-Azhar demand Iran refrain from screening film
on beloved Prophet

With the announcement almost three years ago about the production of a film portraying the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Iranian director Majeed Majeedi sparked a controversy all over the Islamic world. Now, as the film is ready for viewing, the temperature is rising.

First came the thought of presenting the Prophet’s (pbuh) personality, which is regarded inadmissible and undermines the religious values, as fatwas prohibit any depiction of the Prophet (pbuh) and his Companions.

The Iranian announcement about the film triggered resentment among Muslim scholars. Ahmed Al-Tayeb of Al-Azhar said that production of such a film is not permitted religiously.

A statement by Al-Azhar scholars and elders demanded a prohibition on the film for it violates Islamic laws, and a firm and decisive stance toward Iran. “We demand that Iran refrain from releasing the movie so that the image of the Prophet (pbuh) is not distorted in the minds of Muslims,” the statement said.

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