From Saudi Arabian Al-Arabiya TV, a column noting that ill-educated and excitable Muslims have once again risen to the bait. A stupid film that apparently isn’t even made yet – its producers are still trying to raise funds to complete it – has gulled a population into damaging itself by providing more examples for the Islamophobes to point to and say, “See! We told you!” And this time, they’d be right.

The author goes on to note that the filmmaker, now identified as Nakoula B Nakoula, of Egyptian Coptic origin, has managed an own-goal, too. He’s provided examples for the extremist fringe of Islam with examples of why they should hate the Copts. Oh, and of course, here’re new reasons to hate Americans because even odious speech is protected by their Constitution.

So, ‘congratulations’ to the filmmakers for managing to throw fuel on a fire that burns so hot that everyone within thousands of miles of it gets burned.

The truth is Muslims are guilty!
Faisal J. Abbas

The only thing that was funny about “Innocence of Muslims,” the controversial film that mocked Prophet Mohammed and may have caused inflamed mobs to attack U.S. missions in Egypt and Libya, was its title!

“Innocence of Muslims”… Are you kidding me?

How could we – Muslims – be “innocent” when we have allowed some dodgy film-maker by the name of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula to be taken seriously?
Thanks to us, this man – who has reportedly been convicted of financial crimes and is believed to have directed the film under the alias ‘Sam Bacile’ – is now under protective-watch of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Yes! All what was achieved by those of us who attacked the U.S. missions and those who killed Chris Stevens, the American ambassador in Libya, is that they helped turn Nakoula from a villain to a victim!

All he (Nakoula) has to do now is to play the “freedom of expression” card and watch himself transform into a “hero,” despite the hateful nature of his film.

Thanks to the reckless retaliation of some of us, the voices of the many peace-loving and kind-hearted Christian Copts (in Egypt, the U.S. and elsewhere), who have criticised Nakoula (a Copt residing in the U.S.) will now be lost in the details.

I note that the film is being cited as an ostensible reason for attacks on the British and German embassies in Sudan. Clearly, this is a matter of rabble rousing, pushing emotional buttons to strike out blindly at anyone or anything that annoys. That is the behavior of a child throwing a tantrum.

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19 Responses to “‘Rewarding’ Idiots”
  1. 1
    Raju Said:
    September:15:2012 - 08:46 

    Dear Sir,
    What do you suggest;. What to do or how to act or sit ideal when christian or Jew make cartoon or movie to insult or disgrace prophet of Islam. How should Muslim react?

  2. 2
    John Burgess Said:
    September:15:2012 - 08:50 

    @Raju: How should they react? By ignoring it. Stupid people abound, in every culture and in every religion. We don’t go pounding on them just because they’re stupid because we’d never get a chance to eat breakfast there are so many of them.

    But perhaps I’m missing something… religions tend to see God as all-powerful. Does an all-powerful entity need the help of a few thousand rioters to defend himself? That raises the question of what ‘all-powerful’ means, doesn’t it?

    The proper reaction is to not react.

  3. 3
    Raju Said:
    September:15:2012 - 09:10 

    All powerful God want us do nothing when an idiot make a distorted film.
    All powerful God want us to do nothing when rulers are killing own civilian in Syria,
    Bahrain or Mynimar. Let the Muslim be killed….
    Thanks for your valuable advice.

  4. 4
    John Burgess Said:
    September:15:2012 - 09:34 

    @Raju: You asked what the proper reaction to the film was, not about Syria, Myanmar, or Bahrain. The situations are completely different and call for different reactions. But for the film? Yes, ignore it.

  5. 5
    Marnie Tunay Said:
    September:15:2012 - 09:42 

    Well, there’s the question of ‘proportion,’ isn’t there? A “stupid film” is not in the same category as a ruler who is massacring his own people (or anyone else’s, for that matter). Terrorism has at its heart a loss of perspective. I find it interesting that those who engage in violence to “protest” a “stupid film” don’t seem to see that they are in fact doing a lot to make the film-maker’s point for him. And the Quran talks about those who ‘wilfully turn their faces away from the truth.’

  6. 6
    Majed Said:
    September:15:2012 - 12:35 

    still not very convincing,if there is two standards for freedom of speech or expression,such freedom must be applied to all things,when you exclude Jews from the equation,you have spoiled it all.

    If brain,logic and reason is what we should apply with stupids, then I hope someone can explain to me why then a country full of sane people and saints and is all powerful, would punish a tiny little nation,within few days after 9/11,for a crime supposedly committed by bunch of maniacs,and return this tiny little nation from bronze age again to stone ages,was not it better to use dialogue and reason with them or just ignore them,or at least wasn’t the only right to follow what some amendments says (The accused is innocent until proven guilty or whatever) but what about the all powerful `s national interest in that area that was to be achieved by hook or crook.

    My work is related to shipping industry,I can say Syria has been doing very well since junior Asad took over(inherited) the presidency,and development was given very good attention industrially,agriculturally and to reexport business and much more billions in revenues were made,there were mistakes that were not hard to correct,and Asad is now totally for elections to be held under UN supervision and those who are spending billions to fuel the fire can use it to extinguish it by strictly supervising the elections,refusing the elections means that they don’t want the solution,it only means that what is happening is exactly what is meant to happen,people are suffering,does someone know what is the situation down there,or they watch it just like they watch any other movie, it is not a movie for god sake, but what the hell so far as they are not related to me,the children are not my sons,daughters,the women are not my mother,sister or wife and the elderly are not grands,just let us draw the bloody new maps.
    and it is not always about religion, there is also there is something that is called fair and unfair that must be seen,because some people learnt and read books and knew what is right and wrong and cultivated their power of discernment they think even those who were raised in a jungle should think the way they think, it is not like that,people differ,if you don’t take that into your consideration that when speak to deal with certain people,excuse moi you have learnt nothing u just got a degree or degrees to decorate your wall and to get a job well done,but to me if dont excuse people i would use such degrees to my babies ass.

  7. 7
    John Burgess Said:
    September:15:2012 - 14:41 

    @Majed: I’m assuming by ‘a tiny little nation’ you mean Afghanistan. The US did not punish Afghanistan as a country or as a people. It sought to punish the government that had provided a home and support to the people who planned and carried out 9/11.

    Not all laws and not all rights are equal. You have, for example, the right to swing your arms around in the air. I have a right to stand where I am (assuming I’m not trespassing on your property). Your right to swing your arms ends when your arm connects with my face. Similarly, when one fights in self-defense, other rights like that to be free from assault or battery take second place. If the conflict were carried out solely through the use of words, then the First Amendment might be a good rule to follow. It’s an inapplicable rule when combat is taking place.

    I think Bashar Al-Assad did materially improve life for most Syrians. His economic reforms were sincere and they mostly worked. But the other reforms we hinted that he wanted to make — like liberalizing the country — didn’t get very far. Those reforms would have damaged the incomes and power of too many members of the Ba’ath Party. As a result, the Ba’ath Party apparatus shut him down. He could do only what the Party permitted. What was not explicitly permitted was not allowed.

    I don’t think, though, that it takes a university degree or a PhD in political science to understand what Freedom of Speech means. Any decent education up to fifth grade should be enough. The trick word here is ‘decent’. Being told what you must think and being punished for thinking something else — or even wondering if there is a something else — is not a decent education. It’s an indoctrination. If the indoctrination doesn’t include Free Speech, then it’s not going to be understood, never mind valued. Primary and secondary education in much of the Islamic world is exceptionally poor in quality. Many, but not all universities are no better. Personally, I think it absurd that there is not a single program in American Studies in any Saudi university. Never mind respecting American values… just how is a typical Saudi to understand them? They’re not going to get it from re-runs of Mad Men or The Office.

  8. 8
    Sparky Said:
    September:15:2012 - 21:56 

    Majed, who said you cannot criticize Jews and Judaism. Anybody can! I can but for some reason do not so feel inclined to do so rather I feel inclined to want to protect them. The issue is that Jews have smartly (emphasis on smartly) positioned themselves to where one is more inclined to want to hide them in their attic if ever so required than to attack them and sadly they had to work hard to achieve that only after been sent off to the incineries by the dozens by people who obviously felt very threatened by them for one reason or another.

    Nothing is stopping the Muslims from achieving the same protection that Jews seem to have afforded themselves, but that will be achieved through Reasonable Mental Prowess not batshit crazy RISE OF THE APES like we are seeing around the world!

    How embarressing!!! The film is funny not because of its mockery and offensive content, but because of how shitty it is. I couldn’t even bare to watch more than a minute of the shitty production. That Muslims would behave so animalistically in response to it and take it so seriously (acting like monkeys hopping around with no direction) is offensive to the Islamic faith more so than the film in my humble opinion.

  9. 9
    Sparky Said:
    September:15:2012 - 22:11 

    Forgot to sign off with another yet unrevealed alias


    Um Mohammad

  10. 10
    Majed Said:
    September:16:2012 - 03:20 

    I dont want to criticise jews though I know I always mix jews with zionists,but I am not unaware that the difference is not much between the two,the reason for not wanting to do so,is that I am allergic to this topic and always get drifted,also because I have a very small kingdom of my own with all minor citizens, that I love and that still needs me,and I am not sure who does and who does not criminalize talking against the jews,I intend to keep the safe side,but I would dare say Jews are more powerful than any one can imagine,so powerful that we always see the US presidential candidates solicit Jews approval and blessing more than that of their own citizens,that is what I call POWER not MENTAL PROWESS,we did not see them go to their top creditor china for moral support or to Tibet for some Buddhist wisdom,they go to the occupied Palistine,but I am sure clever people will never lack for explanation may be they will give more explanations I need.

  11. 11
    Sparky Said:
    September:16:2012 - 06:00 

    This is corny but this is how I feel and what I believe..Knowledge is Power and Love conquers ALL.

    Yogi Bajan said and finally I found the quote, “If you live in absolute fearlessness, God will live in you because fear and truth cannot go together.”

    Then my friend you will not fear life and you will not fear death; you will live in truth and you will die in truth. Satnam…

    And we are the creators of our experience as per my belief, so our thoughts create our reality. It is highly advisable to choose our thoughts deliberately.

  12. 12
    Majed Said:
    September:16:2012 - 09:20 

    I know that quote too,but I think fear is important survival instinct, I rather call it caution, it makes the truth live longer and spread wider,unlike ablsolute fearlessness unless of course one had his Achilles` Heel secured.

    And yes there is a good Yemeni folk quote “family tames the man and to tell the truth it says,it makes him eunuch,I hate to admit but it is true.

  13. 13
    Marnie Tunay Said:
    September:17:2012 - 00:18 

    You can’t reason hate out of existence or love into it, because they’re both choices, acts of will; love based on truth is a conscious act of will and love based on illusion is an unconscious ill. But I have a quixotic streak in me, so here goes:

    2. The Qur’an on the Unity of Believers:

    Surah 2. al Baqarah:

    62. Those who believe in the Quran and those who follow the Jewish scriptures, and the Christians and the Sabians – and who believe in God and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.”

    The Sabians were pagans, who worshipped the sun and stars.

  14. 14
    Marnie Tunay Said:
    September:17:2012 - 00:20 

    that last should read “love based on illusion is an unconscious act of will.” Hate is spiritual laziness.

  15. 15
    Dakota Said:
    September:17:2012 - 06:35 

    @Raju, if you think the film is “distorted” and you think it is a big deal, you should explain why, and give reasons.

  16. 16
    Marnie Tunay Said:
    September:17:2012 - 08:07 

    This is taken from the description of the movie ‘the Innocence of Muslims’ given by the individual who posted it on YouTube: “The anti Islam video claims Islam is a lie and Mohammed was a pedophile.” I’d say that pretty much counts as a distortion in any Reasonable person’s book. I’d give the URL but you’ll have no trouble finding it on youtube if you have access to youtube in your country, and I don’t intend to help the film in any way.

  17. 17
    Marnie Tunay Said:
    September:17:2012 - 08:40 

    Here he is, the author of the film: Regardless of my sentiments concerning my rights of free speech, if something I said or wrote led to deaths, I wouldn’t be smiling in the next picture taken of me. But that guy, he looks to me like he’s quite pleased about the whole thing. And why wouldn’t he be? Those who are reacting with violence to his lousy film are giving him exactly what he wants, playing into his hands.

  18. 18
    John Burgess Said:
    September:17:2012 - 09:17 

    @Marnie Tunay: That picture was taken while the film was still being made and the duped actress was still happy.

    Try the second photo at this link to see him after he was detained and after the storm broke. He isn’t smiling, I don’t think.

  19. 19
    Marnie Tunay Said:
    September:17:2012 - 19:23 

    Oh he’s happy all right, John Burgess. He got exactly what he was hoping to get: a violent reaction that would help to make Muslims look like savages. Why else would he make such a film? Has he lived under a rock this past year while a Quran was burned and riots resulted? Of course he knew. But the Middle East doesn’t know how to fight back Western style: look pained, noble and martyred – look into your persecutor’s past and gracefully dish it out right back at him. Show him to be of poor character and therefore not worth listening to or bothering about. Much more subtle and effective of course.

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