Saudi Gazette runs a piece noting that as much as they want jobs, not all Saudi workers bring what it takes to do the job. Particularly absent is a work ethic, where people stick to the job, giving it their all. Instead, some are simply slackers. Others find an office a great place to do their own business or that of their part-time jobs. In any event, simply showing up to work does not equate with doing good work or work that should receive a salary.

Workers can agree that self-discipline is critical, but point to managers for creating stifling environments where no matter how well one works, there’s no recognition for it. They seem to believe that having a job and getting a salary should be motivation enough. For some, that might be true. For others, though, they need to feel that their works has some importance and is appreciated.

Physical presence of employees is not enough!
Amal Al-Sibai | Saudi Gazette

Nader Ali was elated when he got his first job at a government organization. He was keen on arriving at his office on time, meeting deadlines, and impressing his managers. But eventually, his enthusiasm started fading; he became bored of his job and the routine work he had to go through every day. His energy level went down, which showed in his work.

Although work is not always a bed of roses, there is no excuse for an employee to become careless or lose interest in his/her job. Both men and women want salaries on time, apart from craving for bonuses, increments, and allowances, but they do not think once of doing justice to responsibilities given to them.

Amjad Al-Qahtani said that many of her coworkers at the government organization preoccupy themselves with other distractions and do not fulfill what is expected of them. “Many people in our society lack strong work ethics and they suffer from an absence of conscience when it comes to working hard to truly earn the paycheck they receive at the end of the month. It is not uncommon to find governmental employees also working part-time in private marketing companies, to gain a supplementary income. These types of jobs pay the employee a certain percentage for each sale, so women obviously spend more time on part time jobs as it gives them more money. They neglect their duties at their regular job. Can you believe that they carry out such activities on the computer in their offices that their full-time government job has provided them with?”

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