A new Saudi law governing new media – blogs, social media, and the like – is waiting for Cabinet approval. It would put disputes about libel, slander, and defamation before a specialized court operating under Shariah principles. I believe nearly all laws seeking to control media are not good things in general. There are already (rather vague) laws that punish gossiping, libel, and slander (ghibah, if the statement is true but uncomfortable for the target; buhtan, if false) as well as tale-telling or backbiting (namima). They are considered to be terrible sins, worse than adultery according to some ahadith, like eating the flesh of one’s own dead brother, according to another. It appears that this will be the focus of the court. This does not bode well for free speech, however.

The reason is that it is the sensibility of the one who is offended that triggers action and that truth is no defense. All that is necessary is that one’s feeling are hurt. Judges will not have a hard time determining that someone’s feeling were hurt: the victim is standing in front of them. There’s no way to disprove hurt feelings.

To be safe, Saudi bloggers or users of Facebook and Twitter had simply best be quiet. That, in fact, may be the goal of this law, to simply shut down social commentary. If the law were to be applied uniformly, across society, Saudi Arabia would become a very silent place.

Shariah press courts awaits Cabinet reading
Omar Elmershedi | Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Special draft legislation to deal with media activities has been approved by the Lajnah Al-Khubra (Experts Committee), a source at the committee told Saudi Gazette recently.

The legislation, which refers all disputes and claims to a specialized branch of courts under the existing Shariah court system, awaits its first reading by the Council of Ministers, the source said.

The legislation was drafted in response to a Shoura (Consultative) recommendation made a year and a half ago.

The Shoura Council had first suggested establishment of specialized Shariah courts to deal with compensation for the maligned or injured parties in areas such as public rights in traffic violations, sports contracts, violation of building codes, and the import of substandard material and products.

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10 Responses to “Watch What You Write”
  1. 1
    Sparky Said:
    February:09:2012 - 15:39 

    Excuse me while I cough up a furr ball…hahhhh hahhhh ah there all better now.

    My throat chakra has beend under attack esp. when I’m speaking the gospel truth or some shit (aka F-bomb) by the magicians of the ROYAL court (King Abdullah is exempt and a few others) but let me send a message LOUD and CLEAR to a people who and if they choose to UNDERSTAND:

    I WILL be conversing with my aliens tonight, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and let me tell you all sth. “Baby loves SPACe!”

    I love you all…May God’s Grace fill your heart and soul…

  2. 2
    Sparky Said:
    February:09:2012 - 16:12 

    Speaking in Alien tongues for approx. 3 minutes

    1. Alien message “Complete financial audit needs to be conducted on these supposedly 0 gain institution’s which includes NON Profit “Malls, Shopping Centers, Other ” ” recreation centers” Sparky perhaps 2% zakat but come on ALL the MONEY goes to charity!!! You are not a Harvard grad but you can smell a pile of “Sh_t” miles away. GRRRRR”

    2. “Energy expended on the lil fish…” burp man I gotta speak tongues for like three hours to come up with sth good

  3. 3
    Andrew Said:
    February:09:2012 - 17:05 

    Items on what one writes such as this:


    only serve to reify views that we are all savage fanatics.

  4. 4
    Sparky Said:
    February:09:2012 - 17:53 

    I’ve been visiting Saudi Jeans and commenting on it…


    Insane is the best adjective for it! The IT is interesting nonetheless

  5. 5
    Dakota Said:
    February:10:2012 - 00:21 

    Apparently there is no penalty for acting as if the Prophet was Allah.

  6. 6
    Dakota Said:
    February:10:2012 - 02:03 

    Malaysia press is now reporting Kashgari has been detained at Kuala Lumpur airport.


    If he was stronger spiritually, he might have refused to recant and declared “Here I stand, I can do no other”, and Islam might be the stronger for having had a much needed internal dialogue, but he must have weighed his opportunity for martyrdom and decided against it.

  7. 7
    Sparky Said:
    February:10:2012 - 03:28 

    Dakota I doubt he ever thought his posts were “martyrdom” cause based on what I read they weren’t.

    I also HIGHLY doubt he ever left Saudi Arabia. I am demanding some more information about this as I hope others do.

  8. 8
    Sparky Said:
    February:10:2012 - 03:44 


    I like what he said regarding women in Saudi won’t go to hell cause you can”t go to hell twice HAHAHA LOL

    If governments weren’t so dependent on saudi $$ and oil they would never tolerate this nonsense that perpetuates. Yes, all that Saudi money is supporting this repression and so is the syphophant US government. I am not fond of Iran in anyway but i hope that take down 100 more US drones because the US whether ppl want to admit it or not is fool heartedly supporting the OPPRESSION of ppl and Divine Mother will intervene!!!

    Saudi Arabia has some good aspects but what kills me is when these arrogant liars/posers get up and talk about what is acceptable and ONLY THEY KNOW THE TRUE ISLAM!

    Saudi is talking about getting nukes now if Iran does. I wouldn’t be surprised if the master plan would be to pit Iran and Saudi Arabia against one another and PROBLEM solved for the U>S>A. Let the two NUKE it out.

    I also believe a Muslim/Islam hater probably mailed Kashgari”s treats to the Sheiks. I am sorry if I have offended ppl with thinking out loud…

  9. 9
    Dakota Said:
    February:10:2012 - 09:28 

    Sparky! Of course! I’ve been trying to figure out what could possibly be offensive about the comments — after all, there are plenty of Christians who love to try to figure out What Would Jesus Do — and one very basic Christian belief is that Jesus was both human and divine. So what possible objection would there be to trying to figure out a religious figure who was merely human? It’s a dutiful, pious exercise, right?

    The clue is in the WaPo piece, “Suddenly there were thousands of tweets…” If this happened on Friday after mosque it would show the ability to quickly organize an internet campaign, in the same way that jihads always started on a Friday after mosque. If it happened on Saturday, all the more impressive. The king is not responding to the content of Kashgari’s naive musings, he is responding to the “thousands” that were mobilized so quickly. They were probably already on the lookout for something and Kashgari was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    But 30,000 tweets in a space of moments? [If indeed there were that many ....] Is it possible to fake this with programmed zombie computers as with a DDoS distributed denial of service attack?

  10. 10
    Sparky Said:
    February:11:2012 - 10:23 

    Dakota, something is fishy about it…

    The problem is like my dad would say…ghettohood and ghettofied “someone is messing with my mind and I need to get a lid”

    What I’m trying to say “what if” “what if” this was “used” as a tool to achieve some ends by ppl who have nothing to do with this country Saudi or perhaps by ppl who do have sth to do with this country. They wouldn’t even have to work or lift a finger to reap much success…An Saudi King is in huge dilemna over to do. Should he do what is “RIGHT” or “What would save his Ass” both come with consequences. This is like a Hollywood Thriller.

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