After the plot to assassinate Saudi Ambassador to the US Nail Adel Jubeir, and attacks on the Saudi Embassy in Damascus, the Saudi government is going to establish its own bureau of Diplomatic Security, Saudi Gazette reports. The move seems to be setting up an office somewhat similar in its mission to that of the US State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) in that it will protect missions and diplomats abroad as well as foreign missions within the Kingdom. This latter job is currently being done by both police and the Saudi Arabian National Guard.

Special unit to protect embassies

JEDDAH — The government is setting up a special security unit to protect Saudi ambassadors and diplomatic missions abroad.

The unit will also be responsible for providing protection to foreign diplomatic missions in the Kingdom.

Teams of commandos, officers and non-commissioned officers will be trained specifically for the unit known as the “Special Forces for Diplomatic Security”.

It will fall under the Ministry of Interior, said Al-Hayat Arabic daily, quoting informed sources.

The to-be-formed Saudi service, based on this Saudi Gazette article, seems more in line with the former State Dept. office of Security, SY, in that it does not appear to have investigatory or arrest powers, as does DS. That may come in time.

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3 Responses to “Saudis to Increase Diplomatic Security”
  1. 1
    Matt Reed Said:
    November:17:2011 - 11:52 

    Love your blog! I read it daily. Quick correction though: The Saudi Ambassador to the US is Adel al Jubeir; Nail al Jubeir is head of the information office at the embassy. Keep up the good work. Nice to see measured, thoughtful commentary on Saudi.

  2. 2
    TSB Said:
    November:17:2011 - 12:59 

    I’ve quoted and linked to you here:

    I think this development has been a long time in coming, and I’m glad to see it.

  3. 3
    John Burgess Said:
    November:17:2011 - 13:31 

    @Matt: Thanks for the correction. A little slip of the keyboard there…

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