After all the encomiums following the death of Pr Sultan last week, one might think the Saudi media might be running out of positive adjectives. Not a chance…

Today, the media is filled with multifaceted praise for the new Crown Prince, Naif. Certainly, Naif has been successful in leading Saudi Arabia’s war on terror. It has been a while since any attacks were made within the Kingdom and the few attempts have been amateurish. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has been chased out of the country and now operates out of the lawless areas of Yemen.

The papers also note, unsurprisingly, that world leaders and their ambassadors are all praising the choice of the new, ‘visionary’ Crown Prince. It never hurts to be on the good side of a future ruler. I’m sure that businesses, particularly those with government contracts, will be taking out full page ads commending the prince and his selections.

It is to be noted, though, that his selection is the first to be made by the Allegiance Council, created in 2006 to address issues of succession to the throne. The Council worked smoothly, taking only a matter of days to make its selection. This bodes well for its next big challenge. When the current king dies, whenever that happens, the Crown Prince will succeed him. A new Crown Prince will need to be named. Based on its sole action to date, it looks as those that process will move effectively as well. Absent any abrupt changes in Saudi politics, it should also go smoothly.

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21 Responses to “‘All Hail’ the New Crown Prince”
  1. 1
    Sparky Said:
    October:29:2011 - 09:44 

    First of all Prince Nayf nows holds 3 government positions…When the King dies he will be both King and Crown Prince and any other significant political position.

    I think that is bullshit sorry… I congratuluate him on Crown Prince Status but a toothless horseman cannot handle all that power.

    the former editor of Arab News said he always met people why for me at least that is a lie. I tried several times to meet him but he is more concerned with covering up his criminal relatives to have time to meet me. In fact, I got the feeling he was afraid I might try to blow him up or something. All I wanted was justice because his family members poisoned my children and you know I honestly believe NOW It Just Might have been on Purpose!

  2. 2
    Sparky Said:
    October:29:2011 - 10:08 

    Oh John Indian Chief,

    It is me Zagnut… please don’t delete my comment :-)

  3. 3
    Sparky Said:
    October:29:2011 - 10:30 

    I channelled some crazy sh_ last night. I’m not joking hahahahaha

    I felt possessed by a jinn…it involved me wanting to carry garbage on my back and walk around a large square…

    I have the right to take out my own garbage AND

    I have the right to walk the streets but of course not be a streetwalker hahhhhahhha

    SPARky PMS

    Blog Hog

  4. 4
    Sparky Said:
    October:30:2011 - 01:33 

    I’m reallys starting to wonder why I am the only one here who is engaged in dialogue…I feel like I’m talking to myself…

    “There is clear [political] transparency in Saudi Arabia on the level of the leadership, particularly with regards to King Abdullah who activated the Allegiance Council. Whilst the components of the Saudi state are strong and stable, as is the unity of this country which one Saudi prince once told me is a country that was ”built, and not inherited!””

    Tariq Alhomayed…Do you call that journalism? What a sycophant you are?!!!

    Apparently critical thinking isn’t taught in some schools or not allowed if you want to keep your job!

  5. 5
    Sparky Said:
    October:30:2011 - 01:48 

    syc•o•phant (s k -f nt, s k -)
    A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.

    Noun 1. sycophant – a person who tries to please someone in order to gain a personal advantage

    apple polisher,
    bootlicker, (I like that one)
    groveler, groveller
    yes man

    truckler – someone who humbles himself as a sign of respect; who behaves as if he had no self-respect


    flatterer – a person who uses flattery

    goody-goody – a person who behaves extremely well in order to please a superior

    Include the rest of the NON CRITICALLY THINKING world LEADERS congratulating in the ABOVE DEFINITION!

  6. 6
    Sparky Said:
    October:30:2011 - 02:53 

    See below for an Example of Critical Thinking

    A step backwards for Saudi Arabia

    Editor’s Note: Ed Husain is a Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. The following is his First Take, reprinted with the permission of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    By Ed Husain,

    I was in Saudi Arabia when King Fahd died in 2005. There was genuine remorse among Saudis young and old at the passing of the king. Portraits of the king covered car windows for weeks – a spontaneous and unprecedented outburst of Saudi national grief. There was also hope that the new king, Abdullah, would help bring Saudi Arabia into the twenty-first century. That dream ended yesterday with the appointment of Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz as crown prince, or de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia as King Abdullah continues to undergo hospital treatment for his declining health condition.

    In the corridors of power in Washington, DC, and London there was some relief that Prince Nayef, as expected, had become crown prince. In contrast, young Saudis on Twitter, Saudi democracy activists and vocal women were filled with foreboding as to what lies ahead in their country. Granted, Nayef has been a vociferous enemy of al Qaeda elements inside Saudi Arabia and eliminated hundreds of operatives, while arresting thousands since 2003. But this was not because he opposed jihadi ideology or Islamist thinking. His public attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood come not because he differs with their brand of Salafi Islam, but because they seek to undermine the House of Saud.

    It was the same Nayef that after 9/11 said the attacks were a Jewish plot and “the Saudis [were] being framed” because fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were revealed to be Saudi.
    He only turned against al Qaeda because they started attacking Saudi oil pipelines, ministries and embassies within the Kingdom.
    As interior minister, the same Nayef persecuted thousands of democracy activists across the country, blocked efforts for political reform, discriminated against Shia minorities in the east, and continued to subjugate Saudi women.

    Western policymakers who think Nayef is good news because they can continue to count on Saudi support for countering al-Qaeda and undermining Iran will commit long-term mistakes if Nayef is not pushed toward reform.

    Nayef’s basic instinct is the survival of the House of Saud. He sees Saudi Arabia’s religious police and other establishments under his control as a means for consolidating the Saudi monarchy. Just as al Qaeda and jihadis are a threat to the monarchy, so are democracy activists. Western diplomats interacting with the crown prince would do well to remind him that the long-term survival of the House of Saud can only come in the form of a constitutional monarchy and ongoing reforms. Refusal to change only threatens and weakens the monarchy. In the coming months in Riyadh, it is the language of survival that will matter most.

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of Ed Husain

    (The views above are mostly likely shared with people who have some good neural activity left in their brains and communications between both hemispheres.)

  7. 7
    Solomon2 Said:
    October:30:2011 - 05:25 

    It’s more than one step backward, it’s three or four. Nayef doesn’t have to do anything more; everybody knows he’ll be the next King. I imagine everybody will shut up and any hint of political liberalization will vanish.

    I also think this was the plan for many years, to draw out the liberals and democrats, then discredit them (through the powerless elected municipal councils) and finally cut their heads off.

  8. 8
    Sparky Said:
    October:30:2011 - 06:17 

    Good point Solomon2! I would agree there is much more distrust (by some in power)of democratic liberal/activists than there is of jihadists who would blow people to smithereens in a heartbeat. People usu. won’t bite the hand that feeds them, but the tricky thing about the “product” of a religious fundamentalist frankenstein creations is they are loyal to ALLAH their TRUE CREATOR.

    Prime example of such disloyalty was the attempted assassination on Prince Nayef’s son Prince Mohammad who I actually heard was a pretty nice guy.

    I want stability in the Kingdom and everywhere else in the world but not at the expense of my human dignity. NO THANKS!

  9. 9
    Sparky Said:
    October:30:2011 - 07:00 

    Sianora…I will be gone with the aliens for about two weeks and won’t be here to comment…

    In the meantime I leave you all with the following:

    Great Beyond Description is the experience of God’s Wisdom

    Great Beyond Description is the experience of God’s Wisdom

    Great Beyond Description is the experience of God’s Wisdom

    Great Beyond Description is the experience of God Blessing the Soul.

  10. 10
    ratherdashing Said:
    October:30:2011 - 17:15 

    Sparky says “I’m reallys starting to wonder why I am the only one here who is engaged in dialogue…I feel like I’m talking to myself…”


    I read your posts, Sparky. Since you seem pretty distraught, others may shy away from replying.

  11. 11
    Sparky Said:
    October:30:2011 - 22:17 

    No need to feel shy :-)

    I don’t want a reply to what I’m saying…

    Rather I would expect others to give their honest assessments concerning the future implications on the new crown prince considering he is responsible for in the same breath fostering a mentality and environment which created extremists and thereafter “campaign crackdown”. What that spells out exactly in his future role is both intriguing and explosively interesting.

    I’m 100% in my full mental capacity and am processing information much more quickly and efficiently than others.

    YOu have to understand that a lot of what I say is channelled as I am becoming more of an empath day by day.

  12. 12
    jay kactuz Said:
    October:31:2011 - 01:03 

    I doubt that Nayef can be “pushed toward reform”. He could find reform if it bit him in his rear end and was hanging on.

    I see this as an expected but bad choice. I bet the Iranians are breaking out the champagne with this news – well, maybe apple cider. The House of Saud, like other Royals, never forgets and never learns.

  13. 13
    Jay kactuz Said:
    October:31:2011 - 09:54 

    could = couldn’t

  14. 14
    ratherdashing Said:
    October:31:2011 - 10:56 

    Sparky says “YOu have to understand that a lot of what I say is channelled as I am becoming more of an empath day by day”

    ^^^ Sparky, can you explain that comment? ^^^

    Regarding the new Crown Prince Nayef, I don’t think he will change anything about himself. He’s too old and set in his ideas to try something new. Like the article posted above states, it will be the same old Prince Nayef who is bent on protecting the House of Saud no matter what. He likes extremists & their ideology as long as they don’t bother his family. What he doesn’t realize is how he is putting the Kingdom in jeopardy for future problems by not allowing a little transparency of gov’t and openness in society and the advancement of women. His way of thinking will come back to bite the Kingdom in the ass, one day.

  15. 15
    Sparky Said:
    October:31:2011 - 14:01 

    Well ratherdashing,…, it’s really hard to explain actually. I will be sitting down one minute and then i will pick up a strong emotion and just start talking like it is inspired from an external source. People might think I’m stressed or disturbed while in fact I’m laughing and quite on the most part happy. Right now I’m feeling a great sadness but it isn’t mine…it is something in the immediate radius or environment. I know how to turn this on and off at will. Most of the time I’m open to it.

    I grew a bottom gray eyelash that was twice the length of my normal ones just recently. I have trimmed it. So what does that mean? I don’t know because I’m still young. Do you know what I mean? It doesn’t matter though because it is empath related. You can google “empath” and find out some info. on it. Some will say it is the mentally ill though.

    I think it is quite possible that Prince Nayef’s contradictory role will weaken him in front of the rest of the world and his own people. There is great sadness…

  16. 16
    Saudi Jawa Said:
    October:31:2011 - 14:04 

    Naif’s ascension sure has struck some nerves here among Saudis. A few friends of mine who have never spoken of representational government before, nor shown any interests in it, are quite upset. These are people who were completely loyal to the royal family, and are now having doubts about its future. The term “Constitutional Monarchy” wasn’t explicitly used, but definitely implied.

    How far spread this resentment goes, I have no idea.

  17. 17
    Sparky Said:
    October:31:2011 - 14:42 

    guys I have a perfect example of a channeller who may well be an empath. His name is Adam…

  18. 18
    ratherdashing Said:
    October:31:2011 - 18:31 


    That video has nothing to do with channeling or being an empath. It’s a commentary about how & why citizens should make video record of police behavior and tactics. Did you post the wrong link?

  19. 19
    John Burgess Said:
    October:31:2011 - 18:48 

    While I cannot speak for Sparky, perhaps she was giving a subtle hint…

  20. 20
    Dakota Said:
    November:01:2011 - 14:23 

    For those who don’t keep up with popular culture and don’t know where to start googling, the guy in the video is wearing a “Guy Fawkes mask”.

  21. 21
    Dakota Said:
    November:01:2011 - 14:40 

    In other news, the three film makers who posted a video about poverty to YouTube are still in jail:

    Actually, I thought this film was more convincing:

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