Asra Nomani, writing for The Daily Beast, points to the hypocrisy buried deep within certain strains of Islamism: a fascination with pornography. Islam, in clear distinction from much of Christianity, is not particularly hung up about sex. It has its rules and its cultures have their own take on those rules. Both religions share the view that sex is great—if it’s contained within marriage. But Islam does have a rule that doesn’t exactly exist within most Western societies, that is, it is sinful in itself to see certain parts of the body, male or female. This is why, if you go into a Muslim locker room, you will not find the casual nudity that exist in most others. It’s why, in a Turkish bath, men are always wearing something around the waist. [I'm citing men here because I am not experienced with either women's locker rooms or Turkish baths. Reports I've heard, though, suggest that Muslim women are not quite as fastidious as their male counterparts.]

For most Christians, this is at most an invitation to sin, but not a sin itself. It could become a sin if it leads to further thoughts or actions, but the mere view is not itself wrong. Indeed, much of Western art, even that sponsored by churches and popes, is of nudes or contains nudity. When I was young, organizations like the YMCA would, in single-sex environments, have children swimming nude. [This changed both as improved technology of pool filters and rising concerns about pedophilia took hold.]

If observing a nude body of anyone other than a spouse is a sin, then the abundance of pornography is very much a contradiction that rises to the level of hypocrisy. While extremists rail about how the West has ‘sold its daughters into prostitution and iniquity,’ they don’t seem to mind being paying customers.

Osama’s Dirty Mind
Asra Q. Nomani

The smut in bin Laden’s compound reveals the Muslim world’s dirty secret: porn is rife, everyone looks at it—and the U.S. finds it in militants’ hideouts all the time.

The discovery of an “extensive” porn library in Osama bin Laden’s compound kicked off the predictable wave of jokey headlines. Everyone from the New York Post (“Osama Gone Wild”) to Radar Online (“Debbie Does Pakistan”) delightfully reveled in the irony of the find.

But should we really be that surprised that leader of one of the world’s most notorious terrorist groups was living with a collection of smutty pictures or videos? In the Muslim world, conspiracy theorists are likely to call the porn story a hoax, claiming the stash was planted by the U.S. after killing bin Laden to embarrass him. Pornography, however, is the Muslim world’s dirty little secret, rife in even the most conservative realms—including among the extremists.

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    Balqis Said:
    May:16:2011 - 16:17 

    if one dares to ask why there were at least three version of the capture and why he was killed, then authomatically he is placed in the circle of the conspiracy theorists
    and lets say that yes, is strange that for years they presented him like the perfect salafist, and now we have a pervert porno addict with 5 wives, who drinks avena syrup and cultivates marjuana
    Next revelation will be that he was gay
    Pornography is not really a secret, enough one checks the countries from which porno sites gets more hits
    No one ever said Muslims are perfect
    And we are talking about Arab Muslims here
    Big difference

  2. 2
    Susanne Said:
    May:16:2011 - 17:29 

    ““While extremists rail about how the West has ‘sold its daughters into prostitution and iniquity,’ they don’t seem to mind being paying customers.”

    Great line! And the article was most interesting!

  3. 3
    John Burgess Said:
    May:16:2011 - 17:46 

    I seriously fault the Obama Administration for losing control of the message. Too many people were talking to too many others–in my experience, mostly just to buff their own self-image–and did so without having all the details. As I noted in another post, it’s not just this Administration that has this problem.

    No, I don’t expect perfection in Muslims nor in Arabs. I can still criticize, though, those who demand perfection of others (often at the point of a gun) while apparently not trying very hard to perfect themselves.

  4. 4
    oby Said:
    May:16:2011 - 19:08 

    I found the article fascinating…a few things stood out however…for “ick” factor was the statement that girls are allowed marriage at puberty because that is when they ripen…OK maybe it is me but that is distinctly gross. My daughter is 12 and in the throes of puberty PHYSICALLY but in NO WAY could handle, understand or even desire sex at her age on a level that is required for well rounded enjoyment. It leaves me wanting to take a bath…Islam really should change that ideal.

    The other thing I found interesting is the possible correlation between dehumanizing women and dehumanizing people and the pornographic link. Reminded me how, when people do drugs often they need to do stronger and stronger stuff to get the same “high”. Perhaps when one is emotionally numb it is easier to kill…like the killer who dehumanizes their victim before killing them. Why is always those who are most strict in their faith that are also the most hypocritical?

  5. 5
    Coolred38 Said:
    May:16:2011 - 21:33 

    Porn in the middle east is no secret…at least it wasnt in Bahrain. I couldnt count the number of times Bahraini women would want to show me little clips on their phones of sex of some sort. I might add that at times these clips were of very young boys or girls…I always got mad at these women who seemed to view these clips as amusing or entertaining…meanwhile they looked like rape of a child to me. I actually ended up changing my mobile number to stop a lot of people who had the number from forwarding on smut to me. Hardly a secret.

  6. 6
    Daisy Said:
    May:16:2011 - 21:40 

    I don’t understand why any type of sanity or saintliness is expected of a man who –

    thought it was holy to mass murder all those who didn’t agree with his perverted version of Islam,

    who was hypocritical enough to mislead the young men from other families on a path of violence and destruction while protecting his own children from Al-Qaeda’s violent path in his will,

    who went against the Islamic injunction that allows widows to remarry and forbade his widows from remarrying,

    who allowed pornography in his house, enjoyed Finding Nemo himself but condemned it for others,

    who was a cannabis addict,

    who was fond of every “blasphemous American pleasure” for himself while condemning America

    who kept a Black slave mistress for himself whom he raped in first meeting (never mind that this woman thinks it’s some kind of a trophy to have lived as a raped slave mistress of a maniac killer)

    we don’t know yet how many other types of “holy Islamic acts” he committed to please Allah.

    I don’t understand what kind of a God is he who commands his followers to live such disgusting and depraved lives.

    And I don’t understand what kind of people are they who glorify and apologise for a depraved, hypocritical, frustrated maniac such as Osama.

  7. 7
    Daisy Said:
    May:16:2011 - 22:05 

    The point is not that such people exist in non-Islamic societies – and I don’t mean only the West here. There are many countries in this world that are neither Western nor predominantly Islamic.

    The more important point is that if such figures emerge in these societies, they are condemned by the people of their own communities and religions. They are not glorified and apologised for by the majority of entire religious conglomerate of hundreds of millions of people.

    So, there is no point in saying that such figures exist in non-Islamic societies as well.

    The big question is, where is the large scale condemnation and rejection of Osama in the Islamic world? Why do we have majority of a billion Muslims either silent (in complicity with him?) or glorifying and defending Osama?

    What kind of value system does the Islamic world hold that makes them defend, apologise for and even glorify a sex-crazed, addiction prone, hypocritical, maniac mass-killer like Osama?

  8. 8
    Balqis Said:
    May:17:2011 - 01:23 

    “Why do we have majority of a billion Muslims either silent (in complicity with him?) or glorifying and defending Osama? ”

    It depends on which media you follow
    We are the so called silent majority
    We dont go on the barricades because it is not part of our etiquette and if we ask to know about the truth, then we are called Muslim apologists
    If one points that Obama is a murderer same as OBL because of the way Osama was killed or because of the shoot to kill order on al Awlaki or because of the clear intention to kill al Ghaddafi, that doesnt mean we are defending them, rather saying that you cannot claim to bring democracy and civilization with undemocratic and uncivilized methods

  9. 9
    Chiara Said:
    May:17:2011 - 02:20 

    John–on the Obama administration losing control of the message, for such a carefully planned attack, the roll out of the information was incompetent. Even the official messages had internal inconsistencies, and contradictions over time. The Obama administration seems to have had a hard time controlling its campaign style use of the killing.

    I found it unsurprising that porn was found. I also found it unsurprising that US media wanted to present it as Osama’s, while giving token acknowledgment of the presence of other men. I am surprised that they didn’t make at least token mention of the presence of the women, given that American feminists have spent considerable effort on porn–not only that deemed offensive to women, but what kind women like.

    Balquis–I have enjoyed all your comments, but #8 on the Muslim silent majority is brilliant!

  10. 10
    Sparky Said:
    May:17:2011 - 04:39 

    @ 1 he was a man without conviction… FULL STOP

  11. 11
    oby Said:
    May:17:2011 - 06:00 


    eeeewwwww! That is horrible ESPECIALLY coming from women. How can a mother/woman be OK with looking at kiddie porn that COULD be her child. Always makes me heartsick for the child in the video. What were they thinking, how were they feeling, how frightened and alone were they? Simply disgusting no matter who watches it.

  12. 12
    John Burgess Said:
    May:17:2011 - 06:55 

    The most favorable explanation I can come up with is that the Administration feared that the story would leak before it got to say anything itself. Instead, it rushed the message, didn’t think about what the various parts might mean–or be interpreted to mean–and so ended up losing control anyway. I don’t know if it could have kept a lid on the story for another 24 hours, but it would have helped were they able to do so. The trouble, of course, is that hundreds, if not thousands of people within the gov’t knew about it quickly. It was certain to leak at some level and in some (perhaps erroneous) detail. Washington is a hard place to keep a secret. That, incidentally, is why I’m extremely skeptical of all conspiracy theories that involve the US government. You’ve just never seen a bigger bunch of Chatty Cathies outside a kindergarten!

  13. 13
    Corey Macy Said:
    May:17:2011 - 07:41 

    I hate to throw a wet blanket on those folks dancing on Mr. bin Laden’s grave, but …

    There is absolutely no evidence that Mr. bin Laden ever viewed pornography, but there seems to be plenty of evidence that he treated his wives and children reasonably well. As the UK’s Independent reported the other day: “The pornography was in computer materials, but there was, officials conceded, no evidence that the terror leader had viewed it. Three other men lived in the compound: Bin Laden’s son, and two couriers.”

    Viewing porn is not an Islamic or Christian thing, it’s a human thing, and people with such proclivities will do what they do, no matter their religion or ethnic background. Recently, a former pastor at Praise Fellowship Church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for possessing child porn.

    Yes, indeed Islam deems viewing naked bodies as a sin. Is it hypocrisy? Sure, it is if an imam rails against porn at Friday prayers. Is it hypocrisy for the average Muslim man or woman to view it? Well, not really, if they don’t subscribe to such notions that porn is sinful no matter Islam tells them. But this post implies that Muslims are held to a higher standard because Islam views porn as a sin, while to Christians it’s only an “an invitation to sin.” In other words, an imam caught viewing porn is a bigger hypocrite than the pastor viewing it. What hogwash.

    What people do in the privacy of their own homes as long as it’s legal (and adult porn is legal in most countries) is nobody’s business but their own. There’s a lesson to be learned from Islam that some people should take heed: Make no judgments of a person who has died. Let God judge that person. Whatever sins or good deeds a person did on earth will be rewarded accordingly in the afterlife. It’s not for us here on earth to ridicule the dead because it entertains us or somehow makes us superior.

  14. 14
    Chiara Said:
    May:17:2011 - 10:10 

    John–comment #12. Yes I am sure there was a need to get in front of the message, but Obama’s initial speech contained unnecessary internal contradictions given the great planning involved in the attack. Chatty Cathies and Chatty Brothers (they were fraternal twins)–great crew!!! :D

    Corey Macy–precisely. I found it unsurprising that porn was found because it is found universally.

  15. 15
    John Burgess Said:
    May:17:2011 - 10:22 

    @Corey Macy: There may or may not be evidence that UBL himself watched porn. It would depend on exactly where the videos were found. Yes, it’s possible that they were found in the quarters used by his assistants, but it’s equally possible that they were in his personal living quarters. We don’t have the facts on that. Maybe, at some future point, we will.

    The charge of hypocrisy stands, though. UBL actively railed against the moral failings of the West in castigating it for, and I quote, ‘allowing its sisters and daughters to prostitute themselves.’ I hold him responsible, too, for what went on within his house, the same as I’d hold a parent responsible for allowing a child to watch porn just because the PC was in another room. Or a brother-in-law or domestic employee, for that matter. If the videos were found in a separate building, that would be one thing, though hypocritical of Al-Qaeda in general. Having them found in the same house–as we understand to be the case–shifts the focus.

    I don’t have an issue with porn in general–child porn excepted. Yes, it’s human nature to be drawn to things sexual and even more to things forbidden. Yes, adults have the right to partake in behaviors of which I do not necessarily approve. I do have an issue with people who condemn porn on the one hand and permit it in their presence, no matter matter who and no matter what–if any–their religion.

  16. 16
    Sparky Said:
    May:17:2011 - 11:46 

    Well said John and in addition I would like to add:

    As more is being discovered about Osama Bin Laden, it is becoming clearer that he was was a coward who led Muslims to the slaughterhouse while he ate popcorn and used natural viagra so he could have enough sexual engergy for his young wife and for the other ones too. Whether or not any of that included him watching porn is debatable at this point in time. Maybe the CIA has videos of him. A very close friend of mine informed me that in the home of two dayees who died in a car accident there was a stash of hidden porn found. He gloated over the idea of when he would make news next. Narcissist

    People who praise Osama are a unique breed indeed. Oh in addition to KILLING as many Americans as he could. He didn’t sugar coat his intentions and those who support him need to be clubbed over the HEAD!

  17. 17
    oby Said:
    May:17:2011 - 13:43 

    Not porn, but interesting….

  18. 18
    Aunty May Said:
    May:17:2011 - 14:23 

    To discredit and justify invading Iraq, the US government famously declared that Saddam harboured weapons of mass distraction. Was this true?

    We all know America, Russia, North Korea to name a few, holds these weapons.

    It is now stated some of Bin Laden’s’ secrets; stashing porn and he smoked grass. How does one know if it is true? Or did those soldiers have their own stash of porn and smoked a joint to pass time away, like many ex war vets in Vietnam did?

    It is easy to point the finger at a person, isn’t it?

    Let us not forget the many pot heads who smoked their way through Vietnam and Korea, murdering millions. Exhausted from the battlefield many would retreat into exploiting local women and children with their frenzied sexual appetites. Saddam’s country left in ruin…my Iraqi friends who told me in horror how one day they heard screaming from their Bagdad’s neighbour and a loud thump that hit their garden floor…the soldiers threw Fatima, a 6 month old baby over the garden wall whilst the other two were inside raping the 14 and 16 year old, then fled with gold jewellery. I hope those American boys have been brought to justice. Let us remember how the Vatican hid the priest’s behaviour of rape and sexual misconduct, whilst on the day of rest would preach about Love thy Neighbour to the masses. Let us not forget Clinton, his cigar and Monica…and that famous line..”I did not have sexual relations with that woman”…or the other line,” I did not inhale”.

    Let us not forget the Virgin Prostitutes of Bahrain and Egypt who are paid by many of those in power that actually condemn sexual misconduct. Let us not forget Woody Allen and the porno shots he took of his daughter (adopted), and then later he married her.

    Men all over the world carry secrets as deep as the ocean, yet so do many women.
    It is only human we make mistakes… Long as we learn from these.

    Bush once said, “we’re going to flush him out”. Let us flush the truth out. Only time will tell.

  19. 19
    Jay kactuz Said:
    May:17:2011 - 16:12 

    Balqis, are you saying that Arab Muslims are more or less perfect than non-Arab Muslims? (“And we are talking about Arab Muslims here Big difference”)

    Aunty May, of course your neighbor was telling the truth. Or is it that there is truth you believe and truth that you don’t believe. As One person said: What is truth?

    It doesn’t matter if OBL had porn or not, he was a vile person that lived by the sword and died by it. Killing him was an act of self defense.

  20. 20
    Daisy Said:
    May:17:2011 - 21:23 

    “We dont go on the barricades because it is not part of our etiquette and if we ask to know about the truth, then we are called Muslim apologists”

    Well we have seen numerable times Muslims’ uproar over many kinds of issues.

    Any Muslim who portrays Muslims as a “Silent Community as part of our etiquette” is lying and thinks we are fools who don’t know how much noise the Muslims can make.

    There have been large Muslim groups who have actually shown support for Osama after his death. It’s not as if the Muslims follow any etiquette of being silent.

    It’s just that the silent ones are too cowardly and spineless to come out of the closet and say they support Osama’s hypocritical, depraved and perverted ideology.

    And let’s not forget the Muslims’ celebration and gloatings on every single occasion when Al-Qaeda’s violent and murderous attacks were successful, not only after 9/11 – against the Islamic etiquette.

    Let’s not talk about Islamic etiquette here.

    Please know that I deal with Muslims on a daily basis.

    Silence is consent to Osama’s perverted acts of violence and depravity. Either the Muslims vocally and expressedly condemn and reject Osama if they are against his acts or they are intellectually supporting his ideology.

  21. 21
    Sparky Said:
    May:17:2011 - 23:05 

    It has been published that the jihadis are VERY MUCH into porn…and as they harshly condem it…I would say that is HIGHLY HYPOCRITICAL then to go and preach how they want to rid the world of it and people like it. That is highly hypocritical.

    Osama has always represented (to me at least) a very weak person with a very weak cause who was able to stir the masses. He will go down in history as a Hitler of his time. Mark my words

  22. 22
    Sparky Said:
    May:17:2011 - 23:12 

    Oh check this out as we talk of dirty little secrets. Saudis are obviously harboring a lot of animosity towards Americans. Look here: If she did that at a Walwart in Pittsburgh, I guarantee she would have hit the floor quick, fast and in a hurry AND it would probably have taken a few seconds for her to regain her consciousness.

  23. 23
    John Burgess Said:
    May:18:2011 - 05:26 

    While what that woman did is pretty inexcusable, to me it seems she just flipped out. We see that of young mothers under stress, no matter their nationality. In fact, we see far worse, usually ending up with dead children. I suspect the charges here are going to be dropped or greatly reduced and she’ll be sent back home. She may get the help she needs there.

  24. 24
    John Burgess Said:
    May:18:2011 - 05:27 

    @Daisy: I have to argue. SOME Muslims certainly behave the way you describe, and in some countries more than others. In other places, people do tend to be more ‘quietist’ however.

  25. 25
    Sparky Said:
    May:18:2011 - 05:49 

    @ 23 I would have to disagree. It clearly looked like a hate crime from what I read. As a mother and sometimes a crazy one, I wouldn’t go spitting on people ranting “racial slurs” while I’m doing it.

    I don’t think it should end up a felony, but I do believe it was a form of assault and she is lucky she was not struck. HOwever, she and her family have been humiliated. I imagine it could be dangerous entering an exit only door and the lady who was helping her was greatly rewarded.

  26. 26
    oby Said:
    May:18:2011 - 07:22 

    Sorry John… I agree with Sparky. Speaking as someone who had post partum depression (verified by doctor)I never even raised my voice to anyone outside let alone assault someone. I think spitting is a particularly insulting crime as it shows extreme contempt.

    Secondly, if she “just flipped out”, which believe me as a mother who understands the demands and stress of motherhood i could understand in some ways,that MIGHT be a totally different story. But she spit on her professor too which tells me it isn’t a momentary “break” but a consistant feeling inside of her that at times rises out of her when the frustration level is too great.

    Again, I am not sure that it should be taken to a felony, but in all fairness I think she should be treated in the same way we would treat a white person who went around doing hate crimes to Muslims…however lenient or severe that may be…

    The deportation might actually be necessary as it seems her mind is already poisoned against Americans, even those trying to help her and I am not sure counseling would change that. Which begs the question…why do people who hate a country so bad come here to study? If it were me I wouldn’t go near another country whom I hated.

  27. 27
    oby Said:
    May:18:2011 - 07:35 

    Sparky I had to laugh at your Pittsburgh comment…yes indeed, had she picked a different victim she could have easily found herself sprawled out on the floor…she is lucky she got away with it without her face being rearranged and only got arrested.

  28. 28
    Chiara Said:
    May:18:2011 - 07:57 

    People who are overstressed to the point of an anxiety or depressive disorder do and say things they would never do or say otherwise. Their thinking is impaired, and what they say is not necessarily a revelation of their true beliefs, and what they do not a reflection of their true desires.

    For what it is worth, she looks unwell in the photo–but that may be the nature of the photo itself.

    This woman is behaving inappropriately for a student knowledgeable and smart enough to have a scholarship and gain admission to a university. It could be post-partum depression or post-partum anxiety disorder or a combination, since it has been going on a while, and usually the onset of post-partum disorder is within a year of delivery (her son is 15 months).

    Like many immigrants, many international students go through a major adjustment to the new culture, and can spend some time hating it. Usually that passes and they like it, or accept it, and if they do return home (as most Saudis do), they go through a similar process in reverse.

    This woman needs a proper full psychiatric assessment to determine whether she was just spouting off, or is psychotic (as can happen with severe depression or anxiety whether postpartum or not). Is she responding to a higher authority in the sense of defending, however inappropriately, her race, culture, religion? Or is Allah sending her direct messages via a special voice only she can hear?

    While insulting, her actions are not harmful to others beyond indignation and minor hygiene considerations–unless she is HIV+ (unlikely), and then she needs a proper assessment for neurological changes from HIV.

    In any case, people in such levels of distress spout the ambient epithets, ambient including the news. Rather like schizophrenic delusions reflect the technologies of the times: 19th century–church bells are really ringing out special messages to them; 21st century–satellites are sending them messages via their navel piercing.

    After a proper assessment, all charges may be dropped or severely reduced. If she needs and gets treatment there may be no real reason to send her home, cancel her scholarship, whatever. However, administrators may not think the same way about that.

    For what it is worth, she looks unwell in the photo. However, that may be the circumstances and nature of the photo itself.

  29. 29
    Daisy Said:
    May:18:2011 - 08:03 

    Yes, I am living in a country where Muslims are really very quiet, courteous and friendly towards non-Muslims. I wish the Muslims from other countries would learn from them.

    But I have gradually realised the “quietism” of Muslims vis-a-vis a situation demanding condemnation of a person like Osama has many kinds of nuances.

    Even the quiet Muslims in my country have never condemned Osama – except when they want to create a particular kind of image of themselves in the media – and many of them support him intellectually though not very visibly.

    And many of those coming out with condemnation in media are in reality atheists, not practising Muslims. We know the profiles of some of them.

    The truth is we are hardly discussing Osama here because we don’t want to strain relations with our Muslim friends. We don’t know whom we’ll offend by talking about Osama. The Muslims too aren’t discussing Osama with non-Muslims for the same reason.

    We don’t know what they are saying amongst themselves, when we are not listening.

    And then I read the news that Muslims in the Arab world are also quiet about Osama. Perhaps they too don’t know whom they will offend by talking about Osama? Perhaps we don’t know what they are saying amongst themselves when the world is not listening?

    This is why I am upset because I feel let down.

  30. 30
    oby Said:
    May:18:2011 - 08:39 

    I thought one of the reasons she looked so unwell in the photo is that she is “naked” (for her)and was feeling a lot of distress due to that…but that is the nature of mug coverings so it is something that she has to endure if only momentarily for the photo…BTW…she is being held at a detention center about 5 minutes from my parents house. How weird. What is even weirder is that Melbourne where it happened is a BIG town…Sharpes where she is being held is tiny…the proverbial one horse town. I didn’t realize the Brevard detention Center was in such a small place.

  31. 31
    oby Said:
    May:18:2011 - 08:45 


    While you might be right about her being a bit psychologically imbalanced we could say the same thing about someone who would perpetrate a hate crime on a Muslim. It might be a bit unrealistic to test all those who commit hate crimes. Probably the most of them are not unbalanced… just full of hate.

    “Or is Allah sending her direct messages via a special voice only she can hear?”

    Good one….

  32. 32
    Lola Said:
    May:18:2011 - 08:52 

    I wonder what would happen if a white American woman in Saudi Arabia spit on a Saudi? Comparing the two judicial systems for the same crime would be noteworthy.

    And speaking of Saudis in America and their crimes:

    And crimes committed against Americans in Saudi:

    May 13, 2011 11:56

    I don’t know Ms. Flowers, but I can tell you that she is not alone in her experience. The bottom line is Saudi Arabia is a “Tier 3 Violator of Human Rights” as described by the U.S. State Department. Not only have American Citizens been abused, but thousands of TCN’s have suffered as a result of these violations. The U.S. Consulate and U.S. Embassy are aware of these abuses, but they have done little to help people in these situations. I am now out of Saudi Arabia after being held against my will and my story is briefly described below. I am but one person, however I will do what I can to bring my case to the attention of the American people and too the International community until these disgusting, despicable and cowardly people are brought to justice.

    Mr. Robin Petersen, Flight / Simulator Instructor, B02389
    Apartment NC8-10D
    Saudi City, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    E-mail, ph.# +966 (0) 56 650 7815

    The Boeing Company
    Mr. W. James McNerney, Jr., CEO
    100 N. Riverside MC 5003-6010
    Chicago, IL 60606-1596
    June 2, 2009

    Subj: Ethics Violations

    Dear Mr. McNerney:

    I am a United States Citizen who hired on with Boeing International Support Systems, (BISS) in January of 2009 for the position of Flight / Simulator Instructor in support of the Lockheed C-130 program in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As the President of the Boeing Company, you need to be made aware that Boeing International Support Systems management is engaged in the following practices that can only be described as unprofessional, unethical and possibly in violation of US and International law for the prevention of one’s liberty and freedom to move or travel. (Human Trafficking) Although, I provided this information to your ethics committee at and followed that e-mail up with a phone call in early April of this year, your ethics committee never responded.

    The following is a list of unethical business practices that I have personally observed. These practices can be confirmed by at least ten (10) other past or present Boeing employees. (Please find attached a list of employees who have witnessed this wrongdoing)

    ⢠detaining employees who wished to terminate employment
    ⢠failing to provide Iqamas, (in some cases over a year)
    ⢠allowing employee’s entry visas to expire without renewal
    ⢠not providing exit visas when requested
    ⢠not paying salaries on time
    ⢠not paying reimbursable expenses
    ⢠not paying sign on bonuses
    ⢠misrepresenting living conditions during the interview process
    ⢠confiscating passports from US Citizens and Third World Nationals upon arrival in country
    ⢠failing to return United States Passports when requested
    ⢠failing to provide clean or sanitary living or working conditions
    ⢠threatening employees with retaliation for trying to address these problems

    In my particular case and on March 9, 2009 and after I tried to address some of these issues via the chain of command with no success, I submitted a fifteen (15) day advanced notice of resignation. I requested that the company return my US Passport and provide me an “Exit Visa” so that I could terminate employment with Boeing. The company did not return my passport and in fact prevented me from leaving, effectively holding me against my will on their compound for five days. It was during this time that I suffered a injury to my leg. The injury was serious enough that it required immediate attention and ultimately surgery. Once management was aware of the injury, and after a lengthy delay, (three weeks) doctors confirmed a torn Achilles tendon in my left leg. I asked them, that I be allowed to have the required surgery in the United States. I did so because I felt I would have a better selection of doctors, diagnostic skills and more state of the art surgical procedures back in the United States. The company denied my request to have this surgery performed in the United States, in fact claiming that the company’s medical insurance policy was not valid in the United States. (all new hires were issued medical cards indicating medical insurance coverage was valid in the US)

    Although the company was well aware of my injury, no one in management made any accommodations for me prior to or following my surgery or to check on my wellbeing. If it had not been for fellow employees and Third World Nationals, (Ethiopians & Pakistanis ) who showed a genuine concerned for me who knows what would have happened to me during the five weeks that I was laid up on the third story apartment (no elevator) at the Mohammedya compound. Further, my contract, referencing “5.13, Sick Leave” states that a Boeing employee is entitled to full pay up to thirty (30) days and subsequent to the thirty (30) days, the employee shall be entitled to further sick leave for up to sixty (60) days at three quartes (3/4) pay in any one anniversary year period. The company has not paid me and this constitutes breach of contract.

    I have to say that I have never encountered such irresponsibility, incompetence, and shear disregard for the safety and wellbeing of my fellow human beings, as I have with this company who claims to be a subsidiary of Boeing.

    Those employees listed below have been shorted pay, denied expense reimbursement, denied promised bonus money or as in my case completely denied pay altogether. Again, I believe that Boeing International Support Systems/Alsalam Aircraft Company is in breach of our employment contracts for reasons that I have mention in this letter. As such, I would hope that you will see to it that the list of employees enclosed herein who came to work for the Boeing Company in good faith are paid the balance of their contracts for what has amounted to breach of contract. I am sorry to have to bring this matter to your attention, but it requires action by of those at the highest level. I look forward to hearing from you within ten (10) days from the date of this letter.


    Robin P. Petersen
    Boeing Employee #B02389

    Enclosures: Photo of Injury
    List of Boeing Employee witnesses

    Cc: The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton, United States Secretary of State
    Via United States Consulate Officer Cindy Elkhatib, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Name E-mail
    Terry Vipperman
    Robert Brown
    Oscar Ortega
    Johnny Carroll
    Tom Naugle
    Skip Bunner
    Darrell Edwards
    Victor Cook
    Joe Bianchino
    Gary McGlinchy
    Willie Hunter

  33. 33
    Chiara Said:
    May:18:2011 - 11:35 

    Oby–there is sufficient evidence that this woman might be mentally impaired to warrant an assessment. Any good defense lawyer would ask her to have it done. Other hate crimes don’t have that flair to them. They are done by haters who are fully mentally competent when they commit their speech acts or actions.

    Thanks for the “good one!”. I have spent a lot of time talking to psychotics and that would be a typical auditory hallucination. Then there was the time I worked on a ward with one Jesus for 2 Mary Magdalene’s…tense; almost as tense as a friend who took call “Elvis Week” in Memphis. Among those making the pilgrimage to Graceland for the anniversary of his (non-)death, my friend admitted 2 Elvis girlfriends and only one Elvis…really tense.

    I’m sure the woman in the article was more in keeping with John’s “flipped out”, or what I wrote above.

    Maybe the Daily Mail will follow the case closely enough for us to find out.

    To me she looks unwell in a more medical sense, pale, gaunt, distraught over time, rather than disheveled, anxious on arrest, uncovered.

  34. 34
    Sparky Said:
    May:18:2011 - 12:14 

    She looks like a crystal meth user…nothing surprises me anymore…nothing

    She is a hater! She hates white people.

  35. 35
    oby Said:
    May:18:2011 - 12:49 

    Interesting that she thinks of America as “white” people as there are so many different types here, but the majority (by about 66%) are white so perhaps that is why she picks white as she identifies that…


    What stands out for you that she might be mentally ill? Her consistent spitting?

  36. 36
    Sparky Said:
    May:18:2011 - 13:28 

    ooh ooh can I answer that question oby

    I would say specific directed spit is part of sth. ranging from Rage – Revenge

    Slobbering may be a sign of a mentally ill or retarded person

  37. 37
    John Burgess Said:
    May:18:2011 - 13:45 

    It’s especially odd happening in Florida. It may be majority White, but not by much as there are significant Latino and Black populations there. The university is likely to be even more diverse.

  38. 38
    oby Said:
    May:18:2011 - 14:04 

    yes that is what I mean…although Melbourne is fairly white. Iowa (for example) would be really white and Miami not so much…so I am wondering if it isn’t from the media she sees around her and in Saudi. Washington being so white…reporters being white…the “average middle of the road American” being portrayed as white…that to her it is synonymous with bad…similar to how so many people think of Muslims=arabs.

  39. 39
    Aunty May Said:
    May:19:2011 - 15:08 

    @Jay Kactaz

    If truth is validated I accept that. The horrific home video re-confirmed this. I don’t know what was worse; the video of Fatima’s body on one side of the wall whilst on the other side a solider taking a leak in the pot plants with the sound of screaming and wailing coming from the house, or dismembered bodies scattered over the desert floor and packs of wild hungry dogs ripping into a child’s torso.

    Sparky.. It is not unusual to freak out in Miami. I remember after a year in Moscow I was looking forward to thawing out in Bal Harbour for 3 weeks. The thought of being in a country where I could be understood seemed most attractive. However, it appeared to be Spanish spoken in many places, even the airport.I freaked out a little when after 1 week visiting a beautiful local coffee shop, the staff refused/could not speak English. Hope that Saudi girl at Walmart did not have that experiance too… La paciencia, la paciencia.

  40. 40
    Aafke-Art Said:
    May:19:2011 - 18:15 

    It wasn’t porn, they found instruction manuals.
    These guys need to stock up information and techniques on what to do with their 72 virgins in the afterlife.
    After all, they’re not allowed to practice beforehand…

  41. 41
    oby Said:
    May:19:2011 - 19:40 


    LOL! funny!

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