Here’s an interesting Arab News article about runaways. Unfortunately, is seriously misses the most interesting point.

The piece laments and cautions about the problem of Saudi girls running away from their families, becoming infatuated with handsome men, and for unknown reasons, running off with low-paid expat workers. It acknowledges that there are no studies of the phenomenon, but still warns parents to do something or not do something else… the writer isn’t entirely clear on this.

Worse though, is something she notes but doesn’t find worth writing about: Saudi boys are running away at nearly four times the rate as girls! This suggests, at least to me, that there’s a problem that goes far beyond an eye being attracted to some sports or TV figure. Indeed, this is something that probably does warrant serious scientific study. And yes, I’d start looking at conditions within the home.

Beware girls … that hunk may not be worth leaving family for

JEDDAH: Several social organizations are currently studying the growing tendency of young Saudi women running away from their homes.

A recent study of the Ministry of Interior put the number of such women at 850. The study also said that the total runaway cases including that of men were 3,285 with Riyadh and Makkah provinces topping the list.

Saudi writer Hanan Al-Ataallah blamed abusive parents and other relatives for the growing phenomenon. “Some girls are alienated from their homes when they see unfair treatment, such as restrictions on them but not on their brothers,” the writer said.

“Although no scientific study is available with data about the runaway phenomenon in the Kingdom, I hope that a girl weighs all her options before heading in an unknown direction,” she added.

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    Swedish Said:
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    I see a common issue here. The adolescents who have the high number of running away from home are from the more conservative areas of KSA, Riyahd and Mecca. The clues left here are perhaps the homes are more restrictive than Jeddah, for example.
    A survey of childrearing should be survyed here, comparing Jeddah to Riyahd and Al Khobar perhaps to Mecca. Lets see if their is a connection there.

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