Here’s a strange story from the Arabic website Lojainiat, via Saudi Wave.

It’s reported that there’s a serious falling out between Pr. Khaled bin Talal and his better known brother, Pr. Al-Waleed. It’s so serious that Khaled is calling on the Saudi state to seize his brother’s rather considerable assets as he views Al-Waleed as a ‘corrupting influence’ on Saudi society.

Khaled objects to things like film and music. That puts him squarely in the camp of extreme Salafists. I suspect he’s not his reformist father’s favorite son…

Prince Khaled calls for the freezing
of the assets of his brother, Waleed bin Talal


In an unprecedented appeal Prince Khaled bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud has called for the freezing of his billionaire elder brother al-Waleed’s assets, who he has accused of “spreading depravity and lust” throughout the Kingdom with his “corrupting projects”.

“Al-Waleed is challenging society with his corrupting projects. Prince Al Waleed’s behaviour does not conform to Islamic morals”, Prince Khaled recently pointed out in a long interview granted to the website Lojainiat.

He calls for the “freezing of Prince al-Waleed bin Talal’s assets” and has also demanded that his brother be prevented from travelling until “he rectifies his behaviour” which according to Prince Khaled, “does not conform to the morals of the [Saudi] rulers”.

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2 Responses to “Battle within the Al-Talal?”
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    keith Said:
    July:01:2009 - 08:12 


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    DW Said:
    July:01:2009 - 09:01 

    He seems to still think that the religious extreme boat will keep floating. Youth will always change and keep getting “corrupted”, thats how they are around the globe.

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