Saudi Gazette publishes this eye-opener of an article about the growth in sales of sex paraphernalia in Saudi Arabia. Even though arguments are made that there is nothing un-Islamic in these items themselves, I suspect that there will be more than a few among the traditionalists and religious police who will find that anything giving pleasure ought to be forbidden. Sort of like the US states of Texas or Alabama!

Kingdom is Hotter than we Thought
Essam Al-Ghalib

The Kingdom is now experiencing passion in a whole new way with pleasure- enhancing products once thought banned, now being sold openly at most pharmacies.

According to pharmacists in Jeddah, products sold in the past were strictly for birth control or for treating erectile dysfunction, but six months ago other bedroom products began appearing in the market and immediately gained popularity among the populace.
In one Al-Rehab District pharmacy belonging to a nationwide chain, Saudi Gazette found flavored, ribbed, extra-large and colored prophylactics, tropical fruit-flavored lubricants and massage oils, battery-operated products that vibrate, as well as Far Eastern herbal supplements that increase libido and heighten arousal.

Sherif, the Egyptian pharmacist explained that they have become among the most popular items being sold in pharmacies now.

“People that normally don’t go to pharmacies on a regular basis are now coming in all the time,” he said.

…Islamic scholars have long debated what specifically is permissible between a man and his wife, but the availability of flavored prophylactics and vibrating products in the majority of Saudi Arabia’s pharmacies suggests that “non-traditional” methods may be in compliance with the Shariah law that governs the Kingdom.

According to Dr. Sadiq Al-Malki, Professor of Comparative Social and Political Systems, and Political Science at King Abdulaziz University, the presence of these products in the market should not be blanketed with a label deeming them Haram (forbidden) or permissible.

“Why use the religion to ban things? These products in themselves are in my opinion Halal (permissible), but how they are used, and with whom, is what determines whether the act being committed is Haram or Halal, not the actual products themselves,” Al-Malki said.

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One Response to “Sex Toys in Saudi Arabia”
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    Hootsbuddy Said:
    September:09:2007 - 05:10 

    I’m reminded of two of my favorite lines…

    â–ºA Puritan is comeone who is afraid that someone somewhere is having fun. (Anon?)

    â–ºG.B.Shaw: “An Englishman thinks he is moral when he is only being uncomfortable.”

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